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Did someone here once link to a site that disables your browser temporarily? I had it bookmarked for a while, but lost it.

I know this is a long shot, because it would have been at least a couple of years ago. It was a simple-looking site that allowed a user to specify an amount of time for which it would then disable the entire browser. I think it had a black background, and I'm pretty sure someone recommended it on AskMe. Anyone else remember this?

(I know there are apps such as Freedom or Self-Control, but I have yet to figure out how to make either whitelist only Dropbox. The fine folks in the Dropbox forums haven't had any luck yet, either.)

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The Leechblock add-on for Firefox will let you block and unblock sites easily. A rule like * +dropbox.com should work, unless there is more to your question than I am realizing.
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I use Stayfocusd on Chrome: it has a "nuclear option" to disable your browser for a set amount of time (you can except certain "allowed" sites).
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Oh, it has a black background too. I searched for it and it hasn't been mentioned in AskMe, but it does sound like what you're describing.
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Websites shouldn't be able to disable the browser, even if you want them to. You're definitely looking for an extension or some software.
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jaynewould, Stayfocusd sounds really really close, but it would have definitely been on Firefox, as I've never really used Chrome.
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I get three to six emails every day that pretty sure would stop my browser temporarily* if I'd click on the link provided.
*Until I buy an new computer
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what "an". I'm losing it even before the browser does.
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haha, doublehappy is posting on metafilter.
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I use Self Control in combination with Drop Copy, which I prefer to Drop Box (though I realize they do different things, the thing that Drop Copy does is preferable, to me, to the thing Drop Box does; maybe for you, too?)
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