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This is a CD... mailed from Los Angeles, California... I work here... it's a swap!
MeFiSwap Mix Mailing Deadline Reminder! - 5 days from now, Monday, Feb. 28


- If you can't make the deadline, for whatever reason, email your swapset to let them know. Or you can tell me privately and I'll break the news to them gently. Communication is key; don't leave a swapper hangin' is all, you know?

- If, in a while, you figure a member of your swapset just isn't going to come through, please let me know (via email) so I can try contacting them and/or make a note for the next swap. People who don't mail out won't swap in the future.

- Speaking of the next swap, keep an eye out in June!

- Have your received any mixes? Did it rock your socks off? I have two so far, yesss! But I'm waiting to get my act together before listening to them. Has your mix gone out?

- Do you have any suggestions on how to run these swaps better? (I have my workflow for this typed up somewhere in a memail—it's kind of ridiculous.)

Thank you for participating. This is SO COOL entirely because of people like you, who are willing to mail a bit of awesomeness to strangers.
That's all the schmoopy I can muster right now; back to arranging these tracks I go!
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We should do a spouse swap. Just remember to poke holes in the box ya'll!
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Never gets old that one. Anyway, duh on the hole. How else are you supposed to get your dick in there?
posted by carsonb at 11:31 AM on February 23, 2011

Bacon grease.
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 11:42 AM on February 23, 2011

can we stop that now?
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Bacon? I like Acme brand bacon, it has the best grease.
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Yeah, sorry, probably took it too far. My apologies.

Sooo, what's everyone's theme on their mixes? I'm doing weird circus & americana tunes, just need to finish up that there cover art or something like that.
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Ack, thanks for the reminder! I too have two to listen to. I was trying for a specific theme but found it too limiting. Eclectic might end up being the best fit.

Just remember to poke holes in the box The lady who tried to mail the dog used to be a night security guard in my building! OMG
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I have to confess that its an additional incentive to get my swaps in the mail to have carsonb in my swapset.

In the back of my mind I'm wondering if he's put himself in every swapset. After all, how would we know??
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not in mine... CDs are burned, just need to get cases and mail 'em
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I put mine—a bunch of broody instrumental pieces, the soundtrack to a non-existent murder mystery—in the mail about five minutes ago. Recommended for evenings alone with the lights down, long drives through unfamiliar country, hatching byzantine plots against everyone who's ever done you wrong.
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I'm usually in two swapsets per swap. If something's slightly uneven I'll do three or one, but usually two. I try to arrange it so nobody swaps with anyone they swapped with last time around, and for me so I never swap with anyone twice (except by special arrangement ;^)

Here's my stack of MeFiSwap mixes.
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Burhanistan: "It would be neat if we could have a Mulligan feature. If a thread goes weird off the bat the OP could just click a one-time "do over" button and totally wipe all the comments."

Heh. I'm torn between "OH, HELLS YES" and "NOOOOOOO!"
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I just need to figure out my liner notes -- how to print them, specifically -- and I'll be good to go. My mix is called "A Variety of Things that Seem to be On Fire," it starts with MC 900 Foot Jesus "The City Sleeps" and rolls out in a pretty predictable fashion from there.
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Mine is called 'Efficient Happiness', which is actually two (2!!!) discs of random happy pop and other fun stuff, with the only condition being that every track is under 2 minutes long. I think I included somewhere in the 110+ song range on my discs. Starts with 'Preprise' by Wheat, and ends, unpredictably, with 'Reprise' by Wheat.
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I made my mix within the 1st week of the announcement and haven't burned them yet. Came down with a bad case of mylaptopsucks. It no longer recognizes that there are CDs in it and claims there's no device for burning. So my question is, given my laptop is a mac and the only other computer I have access to is a PC, how would you go about burning a disc if some of the files are from the iTunes store? Is there going to be a file format issue? I've put them all on a USB memory stick
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Burned, bagged, belivered, I'm yours!

Mailed Dolls Problem their CDs on Valentine's day. Mine was a 2 CD mix called Day and Night with a mix for daytime and a mix for night.
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If you have iTunes on both computers and have them both authorized with your account, it shouldn't be any problem to burn those files.

If your Mac laptop is still under AppleCare, you can probably get that faulty optical drive replaced. I had the exact same problem with my iMac, it was still covered, and they not only put in a new optical drive, but they not only put in a new optical drive, but discovered I had a faulty (yellowing) screen and so I got about $900 worth of work done without paying a dime.
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Have too many ideas for CD themes. Plan is to try to get at least one to completion this evening , have a coworker beta test it for me tomorrow, and then start decorating CD cases (I'm in a weird mood, I want to collage).
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Can everyone also post their mixes on soundcloud or mediafire or whatever file sharing site you prefer and post links to them here? It seems silly to spend all that time making a mix and only have a few people listen to them. As long as you don't include tracklistings with the links, you're generally okay with uploading them.
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And I know I said I wasn't going to post links to this in any more threads, but this is for real the last one.
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Oh no, I want to mail things to merits! Is it too late to join in?
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Mefites. Mefites. Autocorrect is the worst. Though you all deserve merits for your hard work.
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I'm intimidated by how good limonaire's mixes are. Mine's not worthy!
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It seems silly to spend all that time making a mix and only have a few people listen to them.

Nah, you're making something that only a few people will hear, it's kinda neat that way. Plus I have issues with just uploading all the tunes for the web to have, that doesn't seem fair to the artists.
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Plus I have issues with just uploading all the tunes for the web to have, that doesn't seem fair to the artists.

IMO, it's only really a problem if you tag it somehow with the artists names so its searchable for people looking to just download the songs-- just upload it as one big mp3 and memail tracklistings if anyone asks.
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I got two mixes so far, and both involved liner notes/packaging even cuter than mine usually are (and mine are pretty fucking cute, ok), so I am super excited, and also paralytically anxious about my liner notes being sufficiently cute!
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I mentioned it at the end of the first thread, but I got Consonants Without Vowels' mix a little while ago now and it was excellent.

And I sent mine out along with a bunch of other stuff at the post office last Friday, some of which I know has already arrived, so hopefully, Cookie Swindles, you'll get your mixes shortly!
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Aww, I missed this the first time around. When's the next swap slated for, approximately?
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Hey, limeonaire. Just came here to say that I like the cut of your jib. Just got your mix in the mail and it's quite nice indeed. I like the theme, too - I'll be moving halfway across the country next month, so I need as many road mixes as I can get my grubby mitts on.

Can't wait to hear what the rest of my Swindles have come up with...
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I'm probably going to get mine out the door Monday, but an unexpected family trip may mean I'm a couple of days late. If I am, I'll definitely email folks to let them know, though.
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limonaire? Did I say limonaire? I meant to say limeonaire, of course.
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I think I mailed mine long enough ago to avoid any spoilers for ye olde Apollas Squeezes, so I've uploaded my mix for streaming fun right herrrre.


Baxendale – Music For Girls
Poussez! – Let’s Rollerskate
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp – Parade
Greg Hawkes – Bee System
Big Flame – Cuba!
Dance People – Funk Attack
Bay City Rollers – Don’t Stop The Music
Diagram Brothers – Put It In A Bigger Box
Sunfighter – Café-A-Go Go
ProjeKct X – Two Awkward Moments
Ganymed – Robot Love
British Electric Foundation – The Optimum Chant
The Torero Band – All My Loving
Sassy – Theme From Disco ’77
Rodionov & Tikhomirov – Modern Pentathalon Suite – Baroque (Fencing)
Cleveland Eaton – The Funky Cello
The Honeymoon Killers – J4
Passengers – He’s Speedy Like Gonzalez
Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra – Girl
White Hole – Piano Again
Todd Rundgren & Gary Windo – Call From The Grave/Ballad In Which Macheath Begs All Men For Forgiveness

Share and enjoy. Gallons of love to carsonb for his usual organizational wonderfulness.
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Oh wow, and pasici, sorry I missed seeing your note earlier in the thread before I posted. I'm glad you and Consonants Without Vowels enjoyed the mix! I think it helped that I was still in "Finishing my giant mix of songs I liked in 2010" mode when I saw the original post about the swap...
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kimdog's rocked my socks off! I still can't find them!
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CDs in the mail today... I uploaded it to 8tracks, but this Mixcloud looks really nifty. Maybe I'll transfer it over to there when I have a moment. Hurrah for legal, guilt-free online mixtape sharing!*

*though if the service terms are anything like Spotify's, they're probably paying out pennies to the artists
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Mine is an aggressive and bitter journey through an eclectic landscape of lunatic troubadores. Trying to brighten things up for the winter!

3rd swap and I managed to follow my patented formula of Get Excited The Day The Swap Is Announced And Do A Rush Rough Draft of my mix, followed by step two - Procrastinate All The Way.

Anyways, this thread pushed me to tweak the mix, burn the cds and write out the tracklist (by hand this time, stupid broken printer). Now I just have to get off my ass and walk to the post office...
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oh, and my mix is titled 'Apocalypse .... When, Again?'
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open call for my awesome mix, memail me your address. as yet untitled...
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I can never get mine in by deadline, plus it takes ages to get cds to the USA from Australia.

As to the theme...I was thinking of doing a mix of all the songs on my hard drive that are tagged "Unknown Artist/Unknown Album".
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Mine doesn't really have any theme other than they were tracks I liked when I did a swoop through my iTunes library. The oldest recording is a lament in Greek from 1916, the oldest piece an instrumental from the 16th century and the newest a song mostly about unrequited passion in Berlin from last year. There are at least two almost unique tracks: a recording I did myself in a radio studio (you can hear the presenter sorting his CDs in the background and I rather wish you couldn't) and a combination of performance-art spoken word and art movie soundtrack music from the 80s that I did because I couldn't choose between them, so decided to mix them together instead, something which very rarely works and did here, more or less.

I also uploaded to Mixcloud, as I mentioned in the last thread. Vanity prompts me to post the link, but decency and Brandon Blatcher (hand in hand as usual) prompt me to withhold until the people for whom the mix was created have had a chance to listen to it. Even if they hate it.
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Done and mailed at the end of last week- but they were probably held up in the mail because of President's Day. The CD was a lazy compilation of stuff I liked from 2010 (mostly blog rock stuff) bookended with tracks by Broadcast, because I miss Trish dearly.

Also I learned that my arts & crafts skills are null. I can't scissor a straight line to save my life.
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Thank you so much, carsonb, for both the reminders and organizing this! I know it's a lot of work grouping and emailing everyone, and we appreciate it! For the record, it TOTALLY ROCKS giving and getting music. Yay to music and metafilter and nerds and...and...and...!!!1
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I sent mines today... Don't judge them by the packaging (and the cheesy title), it's not my strength! My mix is trilingual (French-English-Spanish). And if you're not part of the swap YOU WON'T HEAR MY AWESOME MIX.
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I think I'm going to make the deadline.

And, I can't wait to hear everyone else's music! I hope it goes well with wine and chess and the pleasant company of my wife, because that's the stuff and person it'll get listened to with.
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I am really loving getting packages with awesome MeFi usernames in the return addresses. My partner picked up the mail yesterday and was all, "Um, honey? What's a Limeonaire? And why don't the consonants have any vowels?"

Both mixes rock my freaking world, BTW. Hooray for the Cookie Swindles! I'm beta-testing my mixes today and sending them out tomorrow.
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I will be burning and sending out mine this weekend. Also there will be a super secret surprise involved if I can finish setting it up in time.
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My mix is all tracks resulting from burying a microphone in three feet of soil in a Nebraska cornfield. Included is a video of Steve Reich jamming out to it.
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shakespeherian, I'll see your video of Steve Reich (literally see it, when it arrives, because we're in the same swapset) and raise you a jpg of Terry Riley hugging Snuffle-upagus.
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A bold advance. I will assume, then, that you've seen Kronos on Sesame Street?
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Apollas Squeeze folks should've received my mix a while back. Let me know if you enjoyed it!
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I am really loving getting packages with awesome MeFi usernames in the return addresses.

My local postal desk worker gave me static last time for addressing the envelopes to user names only. I think he was having a bad day.
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posted by sleevener at 7:45 AM on February 25, 2011

Let me know if you enjoyed it!

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80s Ladies, 1980-1984. Mailed out a few weeks back. Most time-consuming aspect: transcribing all of the lyrics. Turns out the internet is wrong a lot of the time!
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Marvelette packs sent out.. winging their way to their new homes
posted by edgeways at 2:44 PM on February 25, 2011

I addressed them to real names except for burnmp3s, which I addressed to "Resident."
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Soz guys, I've had my CDs burned for AGES and was working on the cover art, and then those were done and just sitting here... I'm totally totally mailing on Monday. I thought I was going to mail them early and beat the whole "mailing from UK" thing, but no dice. Expect 'em in about two weeks' time.
I knew this would happen
posted by Gordafarin at 4:59 AM on February 26, 2011

Mine were sent out a couple days ago, cheers everyone!
posted by supercrayon at 2:32 PM on February 26, 2011

Mine went out this morning.
posted by salmacis at 4:12 AM on February 28, 2011

I am almost certainly going to run a day late on mine but the mix and artwork are done; it's just package assembly and getting to the PO that's an issue.
posted by immlass at 7:13 AM on February 28, 2011

My darling Angel Dognappers,
I have just returned from the post office and your scratchy Appalachian (scratchalachian?) recordings should be quietly winging their way towards you very soon. When I am home I will try to upload and link so that interested others can snag the mix too (minus snazzy postcards).

With fondest regards,
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Apolla's Squeeze & Marvelette Clan members, your mixes are in the mail. Hope you get them soon.

Everyone else, you can download my mix from mediafire.
Decadance - On And On (Fears Keep On) - 1983
Fred Ventura - The Years (Go By) - 1985
Caribou - Odessa - 2010
Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (XXXchange Remix) - 2008
Populette - Mommy (TBD Remix) - 2010
Risque - Burn It Up, Mr. DJ (Disconet Remix) - 1983
Corinne - Tonight - 2010
Storm Queen - Look Right Through - 2010
Photocall - Silver Clouds - 2004
Bagarre - Dirty Love - 1982
Drinking Electricity - Good Times - 1982
DAF - Absolute Bodycontrol - 1986
Eli's Second Coming - Love Chant - 1977
Ill-Mile-Koo-Tron - Crime of Passion - 1981
Gotham - Is It Big Enough For Ya? (My Love, My Love) - 1979
Shit Robot feat. Nancy Whang - Take 'Em Up - 2010
Beth Ditto - Goodnight Good Morning - 2011
Abel Nagengast - I Gotta Woman - 2010

If you missed my mix from last January's swap, you can download that too. Dancing Therapy Mix
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Yo, Cookie Swindles! The mixes shipped out yesterday. The mix I was originally inspired to create ended up being very NSFW, so I made another one--and included both of them. Enjoy!
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Yo, Cookie Swindles! The mixes shipped out yesterday.
Mine, too!
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Those Old Weird Songs are available for download!
posted by Polyhymnia at 5:39 PM on March 1, 2011

And tracklist:

Sail Away Ladies- Uncle "Bunt" Stephens
Bill Morgan and His Gal- New Lost City Ramblers
Country Blues- Dock Boggs
Snakewinder- Buddy Thomas
Rainbow 'Mid Life's Willows- Almeda Riddle
Quit Kicking My Dog Around- Delbert Spray and Art Rosenbaum
Cry from the Cross- Holiness Church
I Wish My Baby Was Born- Dillard Chandler
(Nig)* Inch Along- Luther Strong
Across the Rocky Mountain- Roscoe Holcomb
Sweet Nora Lee- Art Rosenbaum
Sugar in the Gourd- Clyde Davenport
Passing Away- E.C. Ball

*I debated including a disclaimer for the title of this song in my liner notes and did not, but I might as well do it here. It's always a question of whether or not you want "clean up" titles of old tunes that could be offensive and many modern players do choose to title this and other songs differently. For a working performer, I think this makes sense, and ideally should be accompanied by some kind of discussion of the choice. In this context, it feels more appropriate to leave the title intact for informational purposes, however, I did choose to add the parentheses as a bit of a red flag and as an indicator of a potential alternate title.

Why yes, yes, I am a recovering grad student. Why do you ask?
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Mix is in the mail for Marvelette Clan.
posted by spherical_perceptions at 3:36 PM on March 2, 2011

Got pasici's mix about an hour ago, and let my Lean Pocket get cold listening to it, trying to figure out the tracks. This is fun! So far (I'm on the Jill Sobule track) I feel like the theme could almost be a phrase from one of the songs in my mix, actually: "movies of my dreams." Love it so far!
posted by limeonaire at 4:54 PM on March 3, 2011

Aaaand I love it more, now that I know there's Yo La Tengo on it. Mmmmm.
posted by limeonaire at 4:57 PM on March 3, 2011

Glad you like it. I was trying for a Lynchian dreamlike feel. Here is the track list:

1. Mike Spots KGB's Tell, from the film Rounders
2. But If by Brian Eno
3. Slow Motion by Panda Bear
4. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) by R.E.M.
5. Voo Cego by Marcos Valle
6. A Tiki For Blue by John Zorn
7. Necronomania by Manfred Huber & Siegfried Schwab
8. Genjer Genjer by Denque Fever
9. Silver Factory Redux (Sonic Boom Remix) by Dean & Britta
10. De Los Amores by Susana Baca
11. Emerald and Lime by Brian Eno
12. Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny
13. Truth Is You Lied by Jill Sobule
14. My Heart's Reflection by Yo La Tengo
15. Big Bad Organ by Jackie Mittoo (lifted from kgrim's outstanding summer swap mix)
16. Mundo Civilizado by Arto Lindsay
17. Coasters by Brian Eno
18. Little Red Record Co. by Damon & Naomi

For those interested, mix available for download here.

First track visual can be seen here.
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Fuck's sake, Dr-Baa, I didn't know that about Trish! How terrible.

On a lighter note, I'm certainly late with mine, but it should go out on Monday. Life's a bitch, and then apparently you die at some point.
Stupid fucking death.
posted by Red Loop at 7:59 PM on March 4, 2011

Anonymous Hug
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Don't forget to load your CD art into the Flickr pool!
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 7:44 AM on March 5, 2011

My CDs finally shipped, here's front and back. It's a mix of americana, alt/gothic country with a dash of cabaret thrown in.

The track are listed below. If there was YouTube version of the band doing the song live, I linked to that (but the CD has the studio version). If there was no Live version, then I linked to the studio version on YouTube and if there wasn't that, then I just linked to somewhere on their home page where you can sample the band's music.

1 The Gem Saloon
Beat Circus (Dreamland)

2 Sugar in My Coffin
Curtis Eller’s American Circus (Taking Up Serpents Again)

3 Fiddle and Jug
Strawfoot (Chasing Locusts)

4 Wayfaring Stranger
Jack White (Cold Mountain Soundtrack)

5 Lazy Place
Caravan Palace (Caravan Palace)

6 Ghost Of Stephen Foster
Squirrel Nut Zippers (Perennial Favorites)

7 Midnight Cabaret
Reverend Glasseye (Black River Falls)

8 No More Room
The Scarring Party (A Concise Introduction)

9 Six Volt Car
The Peculiar Pretzelmen (Uncanny Eyes)

10 Rivolta Silenziosa
Humanwine (Fighting Naked)

11 Circus Fish
Vermillion Lies (Separated By Birth)

12 Betty Crocker’s Bail
Clare Fader & the Vaudevillains (Seventh & Trade)

13 Three Ton Chain
Reverend Glasseye (Black River Falls)

14 Senor Fuma Mucho (cough)
Frater Chaovsky and the God Fearing Mongrels (Fake it till you make it)
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just finished FUCK $$$ GET BITCHES, an all-lady compilation. complete with individual handmade liner notes and cover art. they'll ship tomorrow.

been really enjoying my mixes so far - thank you pearl riders!
posted by chickadee at 7:23 PM on March 6, 2011

just finished FUCK $$$ GET BITCHES

Wow, that's also the name of my Miami Bass project where all the lyrics are taken from spam emails.

I was late mailing mine sorry, Big Supremes. Track listing on request if my handwriting is too messy to read.
posted by Hoopo at 1:30 PM on March 7, 2011

My mix, Anything to Make You Smile was mailed out last week so all the USA folks should have their copy by now. Here is the tracklist:

Laura Veirs - Wide-Eyed, Legless
Mynabirds - Ways of Looking
Pomplamoose - Little Things
Coconut Records* - The Summer
Sarah White and the Pearls - We Have a Song
Lykke Li - Little Bit
David Vandervelde - Someone Like You
Spoon - I summon you
The Kills* - London Hates You
Of Montreal - Sex Karma (featuring Solange)
Jenny and Johnny - Big Wave
Greencards - The Avenue
Matt and Kim - Daylight
Thea Gilmore - Listen the Snow is Falling

*these two artists were also on my last mix, so I must have a thing for them
Here's the dropbox download.
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I hope my swapmates like nerd rock...

1 They Might be Giants . Subliminal
2 Freezepop . Emotions & Photons
3 Arcade Fire . Headlights Look like Diamonds
4 Anna Ranger . Entertainment So Great1
5 Lady Gaga . Paper Gangsta
6 Glass Prism . A Dream Within a Dream
7 Enrique Morente . Manhattan2
8 Beck . Derelict
9 Maroon 5 . Pure Imagination
10 Rebekah del Rio . Llorando (Crying)3
11 Dido . Give Me Strength4
12 Regina Spektor . The Flowers
13 Apocalypso . Man, It's So Loud in Here5
14 Jonathan Coulton . Screwed
15 David J . This Vicious Cabaret6
16 They Might be Giants . Kiss Me, Son of God (Alternate Version)
17 Modest Mouse . I've Got it All (Most)
18 Jonathan Coulton . Madelaine7
19 The Replacements . Cruella de Vil8
20 Mumford & Sons . The Cave

1 Now-defunct synthpop band from Columbus OH. Couldn't find an online example of the featured song.
2 Leonard Cohen cover.
3 Roy Orbison cover. From Mulholland Drive.
4 Unreleased demo, which was later recorded by a band from my hometown, Over the Rhine.
5 A steel drum cover of the TMBG song. I'm gutted I can't find the recording online anymore, but it seems they do this sort of thing fairly often.
6 Lyrics by Alan Moore.
7 Download link in blog post, or you can listen to some dude strumming along with the recording here.
8 From the wonderful Disney compilation album Stay Awake.
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Wow. Cocoagirl's contribution to this swap is gorgeous.
posted by Shepherd at 4:18 PM on March 8, 2011

What is cocoagirl's contribution to this swap?
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 6:05 AM on March 9, 2011

It is what I got in the post yesterday. She did up some beautiful liner notes and even stickered the CD proper. I feel a bit ashamed of my production values now.
posted by Shepherd at 11:29 AM on March 9, 2011

Pix or it didn't happen!
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Jumping in kinda late here but I quite like my mix, so here 'tis. It's a mix of field recordings, drone music, and other drifty ambient stuff. Take at bedtime nightly with a nice pair of headphones.


Four Tet. Leila Came Around And We Watched A Video.
The Dead Texan. Taco de Macque.
Stuart Dempster. Melodic Communion.
Will Stanton - Fog Sounds and Shots.
Peter Hansen - Winter Air
Erik Satie - Vexations (Alan Marks, 1983)
Stuart Dempster & Bill Fontana - Fog Calling/Landscape Sculpture with Foghorns (Live from Pier 2)
Phill Niblock - P K & S L S
Terry Riley - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band 'All Night Flight' (Live at SUNY Buffalo Part I)
Stephan Mathieu - A Static Place 1a
Kahlenberg Q4 Air Horn (Point Pleasant, WV 9/3/2010)
Helicopter (Cajon Pass, CA 1/23/2010)
KLF - Brownsville Turnaround on the Tex-Mex Border
KLF - Pulling Out of Ricardo and the Dusk is Falling Fast
KLF - Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
Dick Mills - Seascape
The Green Shoes Camerascope & Teleidoscope, Deep Heaven Camp (Black Rock City, NV 8/29/2008)
Distant Trains (Rockford, IL 11/21/2007)
Stuart Dempster - Cloud Landings
Michael Nyman - 1-100
David First - Pipeline Witness Apologies to Dennis
Paddy Kingsland - Sequence
The Kewaunee Foghorn (Kewaunee, WI 1972)

posted by mykescipark at 10:04 PM on March 9, 2011 [1 favorite]

Nicely done, mykescipark. Thanks for sharing it.
posted by pasici at 6:28 PM on March 10, 2011

Seconding shepherd. cocoagirl's swap CD is, in fact, gorgeous.

Hand-drawn artwork from Shepherd, which was also really fun.

Every CD I've gotten so far from my group is wonderful. I kind of feel like I need to do better and make a second as an apology, because mine now seems so pitiful.
posted by schnee at 12:09 PM on March 11, 2011

01. O Hell - John Oswald - not_on_display
02. I Was Told (acoustic) - Rhino Bucket - quin
03. Buddha - West Coast Experimental Pop Band - elmono
04. When I Say Go - The 1900's
05. Fujiyama Mama - Wanda Jackson - Ambrosia Voyeur
06. Party & Bullshit* - Ratatat/Notorious B.I.G. - sparkletone
07. Gurb Song* - Migala
08. Little Birds - We Are Wolves
09. Supernova Kiss - Nullsleep - burnmp3s
10. Nostep - Cristoph De Babalon - robotot
11. You've Pleased the King - Panurge - dvollum
12. Trains to Brazil - Guillemots - goodnewsfortheinsane
13. Hurricane - Husky Rescue
14. Siamese Couplets - The Guild League
15. Bread - On!Air!Library!
16. Outer Space - 3ds
17. Weakest Link - Pikelet
Your Favorite Band...
A collection of tunes chosen from that huge stack of MeFiSwap mixes linked above. (I wasn't able to figure out who sent four of the mixes because they weren't marked, and now I'm copying out the track list from memory at work so I'm forgetting even more!) I'm fairly certain I never would have heard any of these amazing tracks if it weren't for these kind souls taking the time to mail them to me. This mix is my heartfelt thanks to those who've sent me music and also to everyone for participating; I and my music collection are much richer for it and now hopefully you and yours can be a bit richer too. Enjoy!

* Curses!
PS - Thanks to everyone who's made their mix available in the thread, this is the best part of the swap after checking the mailbox. ;^)

posted by carsonb at 1:49 PM on March 12, 2011 [1 favorite]

Oh, like I said, I uploaded mine here.

(I've saved them up until I had them all, which I do now, so I'll listen to them today - looking forward to it!)
posted by Grangousier at 1:47 AM on March 14, 2011 [1 favorite]

Gordafarin, enjoyed it very, very much! And I loved the little cd cozie you crocheted. Very nice. I really hope you've received my cd's by now, I think we've got some similar music preferences.

I sent two cd's to our group.

Playlist 1:
Requiem For O.M.M.2: Of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins
Furr: Blitzen Trapper Furr
Louisiana: The Walkmen A Hundred Miles Off
Ghost Mountain: The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
Turtles Have Short Legs: CAN Cannibalism 2
Here Comes My Baby: Yo La Tengo Fakebook
Oregon Girl: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Broom
Open Heart Surgery: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Bravery, Repetition and Noise
Thirteen: Big Star #1 Record
New Madrid: Uncle Tupelo Anodyne
John Saw That Number: Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
Here Comes The Sun: The Beatles Abbey Road
A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill: Jens Lekman Oh You're So Silent Jens
The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side: The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs, Vol. 1
I Am A Scientist: Guided By Voices Bee Thousand
Atlantis: Donovan Barabajagal
The Plot: White Rabbits Fort Nightly
I Feel it All: Feist The Reminder
I'll Believe in Anything : Wolf Parade Apologies to the Queen Mary
George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People: Kanye West

Playlist 2: Max Power
Glory of Love: Peter Cetera
Hold On to the Nights: Richard Marx
Sister Christian: Night Ranger
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You: Bryan Adams
I Remember You: Skid Row
Home Sweet Home: Motley Crue
(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight: Cutting Crew
Can't Fight This Feeling: REO Speedwagon
Never Tear Us Apart: INXS
Wind of Change: Scorpion
When I See You Smile: Bad English
Here I Go Again: Whitesnake
Faithfully: Journey
Patience: Guns N Roses
Against All Odds: Phil Collines
What About Love?: Heart
posted by fyrebelley at 8:50 PM on March 14, 2011

I really hope you've received my cd's by now, I think we've got some similar music preferences.

Got it today, as a matter of fact. Will be listening shortly.
posted by Gordafarin at 10:10 AM on March 15, 2011

Here's mine:

1. Our Prayer / The Beach Boys
2. Running Out Of You / Keep Shelly In Athens
3. Raspberry Plant / Plastic Girl In Closet
4. We Have Everything / Young Galaxy
5. Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian / New Animal
6. Today Is Our Life / Memory Tapes
7. Strawberry Skies / Games
8. Strangers / Young Man
9. Still Sound / Toro Y Moi
10. Lord Knows Best / Dirty Beaches
11. Kill Them / jj
12. Coma Summer / Weekend
13. The Worst Taste In Music / The Radio Dept.
14. Kaputt / Destroyer
15. Albatross / The Besnard Lakes
16. Part of the Game / Airbird
17. White Walls / Holy Spirits
18. God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi / Gavin Greenaway
posted by naju at 1:28 PM on March 15, 2011

I was a total dork and went as meta as I could for my playlist - that is to say, I made a Metafilter inspired CD. Some bits are more inspired than others - that Taters For Children song is kind of awful, but I couldn't resist such an inappropriate title.

1. "Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we'll begin."
2. Simple Pages [Weezer, The Green Album]
3. Favorite Things [Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Are A Drag]
4. Thing You Think (feat. Pomplamoose) [Ben Folds and Nick Hornby, Lonely Avenue]
5. Second Hand News (Fleetwood Mac) [Mates of State, Crushes EP]
6. Whistling In The Dark [They Might Be Giants, Flood]
7. Write What You Know [Stars, Nightsongs]
8. All My Little Words [The Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs, Vol. 1]
9. Blue [Elastica, Elastica]
10. Green and Gray [Nickel Creek, This Side]
11. The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed [Dar Williams, Mortal City]
12. The One On The Right Is On The Left [Johnny Cash, The Legend (1 of 4)]
13. Yer Wrong [Langhorn Slim, Be Set Free]
14. Emo Philips [Arrah and The Ferns, Evan Is A Vegan]
15. Girls & Boys (Blur) [Terry Edwards and The Scapegoats, Girls & Boys 7”]
16. Let's Talk About Sex [Salt-n-Pepa, Blacks’ Magic]
17. Modern Chemistry [Motion City Soundtrack, I Am The Movie]
18. The Ancient Commonsense of Things [Bishop Allen, Grrr…]
19. A Well Deserved Break [Morcheeba, Fragments of Freedom]
20. So Nice So Smart [Kimya Dawson, Juno OST]
21. Pony (It's Okay) [Erin McCarley, Pony – Single]
22. Beans [Sinners and Saints (1926-1931)]
23. Taters For Children [Con Bro Chill, This Is Boom!]
24. Loop Duplicate My Heart [Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, #3]
25. Another Wasted Night [Bishop Allen, Charm School]
26. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) [The Eels, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations]
27. Color In Your Cheeks [The Mountain Goats, All Hail West Texas]
28. Sign Off [Sugarcult, Palm Trees and Power Lines]
posted by maryr at 11:01 AM on March 18, 2011 [1 favorite]

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