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It's gauche to ask, but might anyone be interested in doing an FPP on last night's episode of FRONTLINE?

The show has interesting analysis from two top al Qaeda experts, Steve Coll and Peter Bergen and two relevant magazine pieces about the current state of counter-terrorism and the position of some current al Qaeda militants. The site has some further information about the effectiveness of unmanned drones and the provenance of insurgents' weapons in Afghanistan.

I think it's informative and insightful and would make a decent FPP, and I'm really only suggesting it because I'm so curious and and impatient to hear what the Metafilter community's take on it is.

NOTE: let's avoid discussing the news/information contained in the show in this thread. Obviously, I'm asking someone to consider a post that I'm not allowed to make because of my relationship to the source, but I am absolutely not trying to start an actual discussion of the show via loophole. And I reiterate that I am only asking because I personally want to see a discussion from my favorite online community, not because I want to promote the episode-- that's not my job and this episode is doing fine on its own.

(and mods, I thought about this and reasoned that it's probably okay to do, but if it's not I totally get it and apologize.)
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Using MetaTalk to suggest that other people make a post that you are not allowed to do is not really okay. You can add these links to the thread already in progress or to another thread on a similar topic. I absolutely do not mean this in a negative way but does FRONTLINE have its own blog?
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And I'm closing this.
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