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Following up on my question here, chime in if you're interested in becoming a part of an accountability group. If there are more than a few people, maybe we can get more than one group started.

I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but I'd imagine it's righter than continuing on AskMeFi. If this is the wrong place, is there somewhere in the vast Metafilter empire that it belongs, or should I take it elsewhere entirely?
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I think you may want to be a little more clear what you mean by accountability group, but I think like book club and health month stuff, an occational posting in MeTa to see if there's any interest is okay.
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Ok - wasn't sure if I should repeat that here as I suspect people will be coming from the Ask thread, but I'll copy/paste:

I'm a freelancer with plenty of ideas for what I should be doing to improve my business (and life in general), but I have a real hard time getting down to work without any kind of accountability or structure in my life. So here's what I'm thinking: Find 2 or 3 like-minded people and have brief daily check-ins via video conference to state our goals between now and our next session, and how we've done since our last session -- just keeping each other honest and on some kind of schedule.
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Yes please.
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A daily check-in? I'm too busy, to be honest, to manage this. What about a Google or Yahoo group and weekly check-ins?
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yes. dear sweet monkey gods, yes.
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Might this not be perfect for Metafilter's own HealthMonth? You can set your own daily guidelines, so productivity and work could be your rules. Accountability is built right into the thing. I've only just started this month, and I'm not usually a fan of this sort of thing, but I am very pleasantly surprised at how effective this is.
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Yes please .
Only I can not do video conference yet ... Maybe later , if/when I'll have different computer , now I can only email and send pictures .
Could people have a choice of daily or weekly ?
Would be so beautiful to help and support each other -- to keep up the good work !
I went to the local baseball game ( first time in my life ) and it was a revelation -- players would be congratulated every few minutes for their work by their teammates .
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I'm in.

My preference would be for:

- Weekly check-ins (much too busy for daily)
- Text chat not video chat (too scarred by fat grandpa penis on Chatroulette to video chat with strangers anytime soon)
- A smallish group (<1> - Not in a game format like Health Month, just a chat session and maybe swapping email addresses for messages/inspiration between check-ins
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For that deconstructed Japanese emoticon, read "under 10"
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This sounds like something I'd be interested in
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daily is good for keeping daily work . That's the reason for the whole thing , not to lose momentum when things get hard , keep moving . And of course I'll be busy , so daily check-in could be very short .
How about : "weekly" -- longer talks ?
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Yes! But not a big fan of the video thing. E-mail and text are fine.
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I'm not terribly interested in this but I'll note that Google Hangout seems perfect for a regular video conference check-in. It's a part of Google Plus.
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It's a part of Google Plus.

I feel like I'm on the outside looking in at something potentially cool (but of course when you finally do get in the food is bad and the pretty people have left).
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I'm fine with video, or not-video, as people would like.
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I'd love to join a weekly check in group. Definitely not video, but I'm happy - indeed, would prefer - to do it on Google Plus. Also, I'm in the UK, so that might make email a better option than a live chat.
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Could someone define what, exactly, an accountability group is? Like Jessamyn, I'm kind of in the dark here.
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If this works for you then great, but approaches like this may not help everyone in all circumstances. See Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them:
Four different tests of 63 people found that those who kept their intentions private were more likely to achieve them than those who made them public and were acknowledged by others.

Once you've told people of your intentions, it gives you a “premature sense of completeness.”
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I'd love to join in on this, but is it ok if I'm not a standard freelancer?
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I'm very interested.
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I'm in. I think having brief daily check-ins is key, with longer weekly chats a good option. I can't do video.
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I'd like to give this a try as well
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I'm willing to do some organizing because I 1) want this to happen, 2) am procrastinating the work I'm supposed to be doing. Sigh.

Anyway, here's a quick google form I put together for anyone interested. It should automatically populate a spreadsheet, which I can also share once there's some data in there -- it seems pointless to put up now.
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Thanks mismatched!
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Hey some cool stuff happening here. I'm proud to have started it! I think I'm close to having my group of 4. Mismatched, that is freakin cool.
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Alright, I'll send an email out to all the addresses in there with the link to the spreadsheet and hypothetical groups. Anyone reading this should feel free to still fill out the form, if you haven't.
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"Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them "

It depend on what kind of a plan we are talking about : if it is my vision of a new design , than if I will start talking about it instead of thinking and working on it , the energy might all be turn and spent on that talk .
If I am telling about my plan to make the work desk clean and ready in next 10 min. , after this for an hour I'll deal with bills and receipts , and till 7.00 p.m. turn off the internet and do second layer of painting on a background -- it will make my day much clearer , right ?
I will stop (I hope) thinking "maybe I will do this , and -- oh -- I remember about that ... and let's try this .... "-- and half of a day is gone ! Bam -- all day is gone. Procrastination.
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You can also hit me up by Mefi Mail if you're late to this party and want to join.
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