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MeFi Accountability Partnerships

I saw this post from about two years ago, concerning the establishment of a MeFi accountability and/or productivity group. There was a Slack group set up. Is that still active? If not, or if someone is looking for an alternative (I'd prefer an alternative), could we get a new discussion going about how best to arrange this? [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings on Oct 28, 2017 - 21 comments

Goal-setting/accountability group

I know that MeFi Health Month exists, but is there some Mefite-populated community resource like that for goals unrelated to health? I.e., any activity or project people feel they need to Get Done that they're not currently getting done, and want help with (creative projects, budgeting, job-hunting, etc). If such a place doesn't exist, is there any interest in getting together and making one? [more inside]
posted by cotton dress sock on Dec 3, 2015 - 33 comments

Want to be part of an accountability check-in group?

Following up on my question here, chime in if you're interested in becoming a part of an accountability group. If there are more than a few people, maybe we can get more than one group started. [more inside]
posted by SampleSize on Jul 10, 2011 - 28 comments

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