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Metafilter forums going on for miles and miles gets a brief mention on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Podcast as Rubin interviews the guys from Everything is Terrible. Though I'm not sure which of the many EIT threads they mean. The mention is 25 minutes into it.
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Bit of a summary? What did they say?
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The interviewer brings up whether what EIT does is basically what Tim and Eric do, and the guy from EIT says that Metafilter threads go on for pages and pages or maybe miles and miles arguing about whether Everything is Terrible stole from Tim and Eric, or Tim and Eric stole from Everything is Terrible.

Though I can't seem to find an actual thread where that occurs.
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There's a couple of T&E references in this recent EIT thread, but it's 20 comments long, hardly miles and miles. (The video though is unbelievably wonderful/horrible.)
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There's a 98 comment thread with a comment from Kiablokirk - "Which brings me to Tim and Eric. Every episode of Tim and Eric I've ever seen is trying to recreate Everything is Terrible but it just... fails." Maybe that's what they're talking about.
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It's a funny example of something I've noticed recently -- often when authors or other post subjects turn up in a thread about themselves: what might seem like, to an outsider, is a Metafilter discussion that happens often and/or goes on for "miles and miles" is barely a blip on actual seismic activity on Metafilter fault lines.

I get it -- I'd probably feel that way too if somebody anywhere online gave a damn about me -- but it's still funny.
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