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Hey, remember on the blue last spring when we talked about how Harold Camping's Family Radio Worldwide bought all those billboards last spring announcing the end of the world for May 21? And then when that didn't happen, he disappeared and then later resurfaced to refine his prediction? Well, today was it: October 21, 2011 -- the end of the world.

In the tradition of checking in with other mefites in disaster-stricken areas, I am just seeing how, well, everybody is. Camping, by the way, said yesterday that people might not even notice because "there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God. Unbelievers might just fall asleep and never wake up."
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does this mean i should go get emergency cake?
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Still here and awake. The air-conditioning guys are here servicing the AC, and they're not asleep either. But then we are in godless China so maybe He has no jurisdiction? Is this timezone dependent?

If any of you are raptured and need someone to look after your cat, arcticcat has been after a little sibling.
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I can still hear the neighbors. All of them.
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Unless smugness is actively poisonous, I think we'll all be fine.
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I get that you have every good intention, but this seems to be both a MeFi post by proxy and also sort of extending the "everyone okay" feature of MeTa [something that's already sort of contested] into something purely lulzy. So, maybe this is just me having no sense of humor, but I don't really want to get any LOLXIANS in my MeTa this evening... I'm going to close this. Sorry folks.
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