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I've said it before and I'll say it again, but world leaders could take a lesson from the firm yet benevolent way in which Andrew admins his web community. And I'll save you the trouble, the "tractors are sexy" link is here.
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But what if there is no glamour shot of myself? What is andrew going to do then? huh?
posted by jojo at 7:47 AM on April 24, 2002

There's always a glamour shot. There has to be, it's one of the unwritten rules/laws of nature. And if there isn't, well, you saw Geoge W. Bush appearing in 'The Magic Of Photoshop'?
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Andrew's diary is one of the surest tickets to a belly laugh on the web. E.g.:
Dear internet,

Today I was using you, and I resized a window I had open to a server I have on you. Right at that second my server broke, right as I resized that window. I don't know if it was a coincidence, or whether resizing the window made the server address some distant piece of memory it doesn't usually address, but something happened that led to a series events where lots of mechanical things broke, or finnished their previously-started breaking, or at least they decided to make it apparent that they were broken. All I know is I had a nice night planned until that, and now I am sleepy and I owe some americans 800 dollars and counting. Internet, you
suck. I oughta beat you up so bad.

your enemy,


p.s. the moral is, never resize any windows.

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He is hilarious. #1 Onion, #2 Andrew, in my book. Anyone out there have any connections? He needs wider exposure.

I've saved every eggpost he's ever written.
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Front page posts that only make sense to two or three people "in the know" are generally Bad Things.
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What Aaron said. I see a cryptic, ugly diaryland page. What is the lesson we are supposed to learn?
posted by rodii at 2:33 PM on April 24, 2002

What Aaron and Rodii said. I read it, dug up some of his other stuff to read, and I still am missing the gist here.
posted by xena at 2:44 PM on April 24, 2002

Andrew created Diaryland. Some girl gave him crap for how he was administering the site (he has a pay for use system in addition to the free service), and so he found a glamour shot picture of her and put it on his site, along with a quote from her.

(this was posted in general weblog related, and it is.)
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what perplexed said. took me two seconds to figure out what was going on.
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Neologism of the day: STRILL = still + shrill.
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I GOT what Andrew was doing, and thought "BFD". Seemed like fairly banal revenge.

I don't get why luser thought it was worthy of a post, and what he wrote gave me the impression that there was more to the story, or there's an inside joke or something.
posted by xena at 5:25 PM on April 24, 2002

No in-joke, secret backstory, or so-stupid-it's-funny irony intended here. I honestly thought the humor was self-evident. Guess I was wrong. Anticipating what people will think funny is not easy.
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Honestly, I couldn't figure out what the heck you were talking about.

But we can agree that Carrot Top is Satan.
posted by aaron at 9:03 AM on April 25, 2002

Eh. Either you get Andrew or you don't.

(God, I'm starting to sound like a warblogger fawning over Andrew Sullivan!)
posted by mark13 at 9:30 PM on April 27, 2002

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