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Just want to point out an excellent, very informative response to an AskMeFi question I posted earlier today.

This is my first post to MetaTalk and I don't know if it's kosher (so feel to delete if it's not), but I just wanted to point to this comment in the question I posted earlier today on some sleep problems I'm having with my 16-month-old. It's so good that I'd like to make sure more people see it - more than just those who've chosen to read the thread. It was incredibly generous and probably time consuming to put together. It could help any parent with a baby/toddler/younger child. Thank you, peagod.
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Perhaps a comment form email to the mods suggesting it be added to the sidebar would be more appropriate?
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The occasional "thanks so much I am in a jam and this was super helpful" MeTa thread is just fine. peagood is a treasure.
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I disagree, I think this is an ideal use of metatalk. Thanks OP!
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And no nobody knows who I'm disagreeing with. Thanks based god!
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Ugh, this is why we can't have nice things.
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oh, um, this wasn't a callout. Carry on.
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they want to be up where the people are
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Wow, that's a hell of an answer.

I want to have a baby so peagood can tell me how to raise it.
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peagod indeed.
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Also, yay for good AskMe answers and parents of all kinds getting more sleep!

My name is Snarl Furillo and I approve this instance of community building and helping others!
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Favorited for when I have kid(s). Terrific.

(yes, both senses)
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You are getting sleeeepy.... sleeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyy.... Okay. Maybe it's just me.
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Peagood gives awesome answers. Always.
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Favourited because I have a feeling it'll help me regulate my sleeping schedule, too.

(Starting to wonder whether my body operates on a 25-hour-cycle, the fucker.)
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Wow, that is quite a comprehensive answer. Unfortunately all my nieces and nephews are past that stage so I have no one to send it off to.
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I'm outraged
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I'm going to send that comment to my siblings with young children.
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What's a sleeping schedule? Is whiskey involved?
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Whiskey for babies that is so BAD. (I hear it works.)
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I don't believe I've ever seen a more diplomatic and compassionate stream of advice to a parent.

I read this thread as it was happening, curious about what peagood might put together. When that answer was finally posted, it was so amazing that I read it out to my daughter's dad so he could join me in appreciating the brilliant advice and kind delivery.

kitkat, you should be commended, too, for your honesty and openness in the interest of getting the best answer. Really helpful. I know it can feel weird to monitor a thread so intently and provide so much extra info, but you provided a service to many of us with your participation in your question's answering. Thanks for asking it!
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Yeah, not only is peagood's answer really, really great, but the whole thread is great, including your participation, kitcat. Maybe I haven't been paying attention (well, honestly, I don't read AskMe much at all), but that thread has a remarkable absence of mommy drive-bys. Far too often, when a parent has a parenting question, and especially about sleep, people get all judgmental and stuff. The people in that thread who had anything at all like criticism, presented it completely constructively and diplomatically, in a non-judgmental way.
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I remember peagood answering a similar question before (it might have been sidebarred even), and it's awesome we have someone who has so much research knowledge.
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Maybe I haven't been paying attention (well, honestly, I don't read AskMe much at all), but that thread has a remarkable absence of mommy drive-bys.

Yeah, there used to be a time when such behavior could be expected, but lately parenting threads have been generally a lot nicer. Gold stars all around, for those who answer nicely and for those who keep their judgmental answers to themselves.
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I would like peagood to come fix my sleepless six-month-old now. :)
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Metatalk callouts for excellent answers in AskMeFi are only allowed for Peagood.
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There are many people on this site I yearn to hug. peagod is definitely one of them.
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Thank you all. I woke up to this, and got all teary. I thought about what to say while shoveling this morning, and it can't not be a mess, because it's left me all over the place. But mostly, thanks, thanks. This is quite a thing.

This is what you all get because once upon a time I read all there was to read, and I love to feel useful.

I'm no expert. The author I've worked for never says she is a "parenting expert" - she is a "parenting author". She is a master at reading and disseminating all the information she can find, and I have learned so much from her. You could say she is the "Mother of All..." that I've learned. I am just using everything I've read for her, and everything she led me to read, and everything she writes about still, and putting it together with some perception (which has been a part of every job I've ever had). It all came about because my kid was not an easy kid, and I tend to hyperfocus, research and resource when I encounter a problem - and I had lots of sleepless hours to do it in.

Kitcat provided all the clues, especially because location was a huge factor; and each answer before mine reminded me of something to go off and check before coming back. That support was what helped make it happen.

I apologize for how disjointed it is - I'm on some meds that are making me a bit stupid, but at any rate, I need to remember to compose something of that length elsewhere and take more time to edit, especially if I'm going to write conversationally.

As heady as this is, I have feet of clay and a husband with better sleep habits than I have. I have sleep paralysis and associated hypnagogic and hypnopompic experiences, and have never slept well and have always read up on sleep because of that. My daughter holds the title of "the Least Morning Person Ever" and the "Aha!" came from how she was behaving yesterday because a very rainy day meant all indoor recesses at school, a rather inactive play date elsewhere with lots of sweets after school there (which is why I had time for the missive), a slightly stodgy dinner, and then she wasn't appropriately tired at the end of the day. Tweaking a little of each of those things would have meant she was asleep by 9 instead of wandering downstairs because she "thought she heard me having a pomegranate" at 10:30, but you can't go back in time, and every day is a chance to start fresh.

I wish you all the comfort and beautiful welling-up emotions inside such as I feel today, and good sleep. There is nothing in the world like it.
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Did the answer mention rum? Mine would have.
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There's always the "Fantastic" flag.
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Increased hug levels tickle my general lifebuzz.
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Gosh, if that's true about daycare centers, I'm glad I have my kids where I do! My day care does not work like that.
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Peagood IS a treasure. What a wonderful, comprehensive answer. I admire the time and effort spent to ensure she provided the most supportive and practical advice for parents I've seen in a long time. Yay!

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