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I'd like to publicly thank Papalobo and Longsleeves for revealing the glory of Brut Max to me and my friends.

It's been a god six months of hilarious injokes and Truck Stop Butt Fuck rick-rolls for us, and I never thanked them. Thank you, Papalobo, for remembering the song. Thank you, Longsleeves, for finding the video, which is remarkably hard to google. Brut Max really are the platonic ideal of bad-pun bro-funk-ska.

For the curious, Brut Max have a number of videos on youtube:

Truck Stop Butt Fuck
7th Grade Booty Party
Frat Boy Drug Bust
Butter Up
Crack House
Tuna Taco

And their very first show, from 1987, with early versions of many of their later hits.

I cannot count the hours of laughs and many, many friends who have come to love the Max, all because I casually mentioned your comment in conversation back in September. Hell yeah.
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Presumably PapaLobo now truly trusts the internet.
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Somewhere out there is a just universe where Brutilicus Maximus were huge stars. Or at least infamous enough to be denounced on the floor of the US congress.
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Okay, this is frickin awesome. Now I want to make a playlist that starts off with Truck Stop Butt Fuck or maybe Frat Boy Drug Bust and Eternal Erection's Funky Police Car and goes from there.
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I'm old.
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I don't understand anything about this. This new Facebook sucks. I just want to log in!
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I'm sure I'm not the only person that now looks for new music (I'm in Canada, without access to Spotify, etc., which might colour this a bit) by typing

[band] or [genre] site:ask.metafilter.com

into Google.

With a band, I invariably find myself in a recommendation thread for similar music in either tone or theme; with a genre, some sort of awesome overview thread.

My own AskMe has given me headphone homework for at least the next two weeks. It's a phenomenal resource for discovering new music, which is especially remarkable when you consider it's not at all a music site.
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HAHAHAHAAH. Thanks, I missed this the first time around.
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TSBF gets a little funnier if you sing BAT-MANNNNNNN to yourself along with that horn riff.
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Well you're welcome!
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