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When you unfavorite, it hurts people. This is not a victimless crime.

I should know. I just went and checked my favorites and found that the number had shrunk. This is worse than being unfriended on facebook. It's almost as bad as finding out that an actor you like is a Republican.

This meta is to share my experience of being confronted with the cold hard fact that some users do in fact use favorites as a sort of bookmark rather than a reward.

Please consider the havoc you can wreak with that kind of calculating behavior in a community built around love, trust, and favorites.
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Favorites mean many things to many people.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 5:38 PM on May 5, 2012

I'm so tempted to favorite this post only to unfavorite it tomorrow.
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There is a MeTa discussing exactly this a couple of posts down. If you are serious, please take this there. If you are not, please do not make sarcastic/jokey MeTas, as they do not help anyone and just make more work for us.
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