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As a followup to this post: The Only Winning Move is to Watch This, you can now buy The Cold War on DVD.

I really enjoyed the series and was delighted when I saw that the DVDs were available.
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It's like they took my "I don't feel guilty watching pirated copies of things that aren't available for sale" as a challenge. Well played.

(Seriously, though, this is great -- and long since deleted from where I'd originally watched it -- so I do look forward to, if not buying this, watching it when it makes its way to Netflix.)
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(psst... followups don't belong in MeTa, at least not anymore. If they're not worth a post on their own in the blue, they're not worth posting.)
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Yeah, I wasn't really clear on how big a deal that original post was; it seemed like it got a more than average amount of attention on the site, but we're still kind of eh at best on this sort of thing as a use for Metatalk at this point generally, for future reference. I think I'll go ahead and close this up.
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