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"Wal-mart is software" - MeFi post or comment?

I'm looking for some previous content to show a friend that who recently quit a job at Wal-Mart, talking about how Wal-Mart could be best understood by thinking of it as software. I'm pretty sure this was either a post that linked to an external site with an account by an ex-Wal-Mart employee, or a comment on MeFi itself.

The general subject matter dealt with abusive practices, lock-ins, overnight shifts to defeat hours-per-day overtime rules, etc.

Some specifics that were dwelt on were the importance of the hand terminals (and trying to wrangle a reliably working unit), the management of placement of products on shelves, etc.

I've tried to look through the MeFi archives for it, but I'm drawing a blank on the specific account.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

(I was going to post to askme, but the instructions seemed to suggest MeTa is more appropriate.)
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Possibly, this was Target and not Wal-Mart. But the practices described definitely were reminiscent of Wal-Mart.
posted by snuffleupagus at 1:52 PM on June 4, 2012

Yep, that triggered it for me -- I think it's this one.
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Possibly you're thinking of an essay that I linked to in the comments on a post about Target? Unfortunately, the website that hosts it seems to be down, but you can see the text of it cached here -- it's the essay called "On Target" that's midway down the page.
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It was both! Thanks guys, this was driving me crazy.
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Annnnd the site is working for me again -- here's a direct link to the Target essay.
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Ah, bummer. pts' account (via MCMikeNamara's link) is disabled.

Hope everything worked out OK for that guy.
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I hope everything works out OK for everybody else, too.
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Narrative Priorities: "Annnnd the site is working for me again -- here's a direct link to the Target essay."

This is great, both the linked Target essay and the author's other writings.
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