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I'm looking for a short film posted on the blue sometime in the last 3 years featuring light projections and miniatures.

It was a short film, high contrast black and white. The design was vaguely reminiscent of German Expressionism. The main thing I remember about it is it featured animated light projected on real environments that appeared to be miniatures. For example, there might be shot of a living room and the fire burning in the fireplace was animated light being projected onto the scene. Anyone else remember this?
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Was it something from "The Bug Trainer" or perhaps from "Ich bin im Tod erbl├╝ht"? Or, from the green, "Help me remember a stop-motion animated music video"? Sounds like what I've seen posted here about the Quay brothers' work.
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It wasn't the Brothers Quay or Svankmeyer. It wasn't that obviously stop motion and also looked like it was made quite recently.
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I remember this. Was it like a pop-up book with sets that could be changed, and video was projected onto it?
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Here's the post I'm talking about: magic by grumblebee. Leading to this video of "The Ice Book".
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That's the one! Thanks Mizu! It's gorgeous, so cool.
posted by nathancaswell at 8:26 AM on July 14, 2012

This is awesome.
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