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Following up my questions about a vanishing pan and a very odd modelling contract...

Hi folks, thought I'd just follow up two of my questions.

Firstly Dude, Where's My Pan?
I've now moved out. It did not turn up when I cleaned out all of my spaces, the pan is genuinely gone. :(

And secondly How on Earth is this legal?
A strange twist to the tale: after being specifically asked to scrutinise the traveller's checks, the bank verified them as legitimate. The company apparently intend to rent a studio for half a day in the town centre to do the shoot, but have been a bit flaky about sorting it out. My housemate will probably go, but only accompanied by a friend, and only if they give her reasonable notice.
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The modeling thing still sounds sketchy as hell to me . . .
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Which bank, yours or the one that issued the traveller's check? I would not trust your own bank to verify the checks.
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Both of those threads are still open - you can leave your follow-ups in them and people who are interested will see them via Recent Activity. (They're actually *more* likely to see them than here.) I'm going to close this, because MetaTalk really isn't quite the right place for it.
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