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Any MeFites want to start up some Skype-based games of Fiasco?

Inspired by this post, I bought the Fiasco game and ... my god ... I can't wait to play this with a variety of people. It strikes me as perfectly suited to multi-person Skype (or ooVoo, whatever) video chat. Is anybody here doing this? Is anybody interested? Is this the place to ask?
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Is this the place to ask?

Sure thing, but you might also want to pop over to MefightClub and ask, too. We have members playing traditional D&D over the net, and lots of traditional board and tabletop game enthusiasts (including the author of this site) who might be keen to join in!
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Ooh! I've been wanting to try Fiasco. I'd totally be up for this.
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I've only played it once, but holy crap do I love that game. Yes. Yes, I would totally love to do this.
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Fiasco is literally the best thing ever.
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I've actually been keeping tabs on Fiasco's slow burbling up into the collective conciousness, it's essentially an RPG that hits up the improv/storytelling elements to the max so it has a broad cultural appeal to the theatre dorks and cartoonists I follow.
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To whet everyone's appetites: A whole bunch of nifty-sounding downloadable Fiasco playsets. Everything on that page is free, I think.

The Zoo looks pretty appealing to me, though I'm also kind of into the idea of playing Regina's Wedding, which is in The Fiasco Companion.
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One of the Fiasco Playsets is Alpha Complex.

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I've done it once and it worked well.
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I've never played, but would love to try.
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I would be interested in this - but time zones might bork it.
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Seems like this would work as a G+ Hangout, too.
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I would be totally down for this-- I have been wanting to try this game for a couple of years and can't find any takers among my friends.
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Late to the party but I would be interested. Difficulty level: I've never done Skype. (I have played Fiasco, though.)
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This comment is so that I can follow this thread.

Computer, make it so.

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I also have never done Skype, but have played Fiasco - count me in for compatible times! I have the book and companion, as well, and am willing to facilitate a group in my timezone.
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