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You tell me how to retrieve the HTML from a post that got deleted plz kthx? (I posted something on the front page last night, and it got deleted for too much personal commentary. I'm fine with that.) User Goofyy and deleting admin kaz suggested that I re-post sans commentary. This is moderation, it's not racism. So is there an easy way to get the HTML of my post back, or will I have to just re-type it all?

(This question has probably been asked before, but I was unable to find the answer. )
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I don't really want to dig through all of yesterday to find your deleted post, but deleted posts are still accessible. Find the URL for your deleted post, and the HTML should still be there - right-click, View Source or whatever is the analog for your browser, copy from there.
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The post is here, if you need to find it (easiest way is to check your mefimail for the "your post is live" message you automatically receive when you make a post to the front page).

If you want to get the raw HTML with links and such, the easiest thing to do is do a "view source" using your browser and copying the post text from there. If that's giving you trouble, feel free to let me know and I can email you a copy instead.
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And her name is taz, not kaz.
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Another way to do it is find the posts that sandwich your deleted post in time - a time-and-snark sandwich, if you will. Go to one of the two sandwiching FPPs, then change the URL so it reads$NUM where $NUM is one more or one less than the sandwich post numbers.

I wrote a freaking short story for that post only to find it had been deleted during my artistic process. I'm relatively sure that doesn't mean I'm being oppressed, but I'm going to look it up in the dictionary just to make sure.

That beauty'll be waiting patiently in a text file for for the next drone-related post.
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I miss the days when we used to have Track Changes on posts, and mathowie would leave dirty jokes as comments, just for fun.
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Just to forestall any further confusion:

Ba... (dammit)
Ya... (too slow! Oof)
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I took three ambiens, and dreamed that I had an edit window ... in my Maidenform Bra.
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Kaz, that is MissKaz, is pretty awesome. I've met her IRL.
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This is moderation, it's not racism.

Shit is this a thing we're doing already? Alllllright (mcconaughey voice).
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I think you meant Gaz.
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Also, zaz.
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are y'all razzing moi?
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Congratulations Kaz, our new mod! I see Matt and crew went with someone with no awkward comments to haunt them!
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are y'all razzing moi?

Ooh, well-played.
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And her name is taz, not kaz.

Her Name is Taz would be a great title for one of those TV movies in which, I dunno, a young girl grieving the loss of her mother befriends a charmingly sarcastic goat which, in a case of mistaken identity, is put down by the townsfolk for biting a local widow.

"Her name is Taz, pa. Her name. Is Taz."

*shotgun fires*
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"Is zat Taz? Si." Could be a contestant on the MetaFilter's Most Labored Moderator Palindrome.
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You know what they do in the Palin Drome? Haras Sarah.
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Haras Sarah.

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This is moderation, it's not racism.

Raceration? Moderism?
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Sleeper: kudos for not going off on one, and being reasonable, when your post was pulled. As a nearly-newbie I really enjoy many of the posts, and comments, on MetaFilter but the few that have left an unpleasant ugh feeling were OPs who had their FPP pulled and went off on one. I'm a little surprised (perhaps because I'm still pretty new here and not familiar with the culture) at how/why the mods put up with what appears (to me anyway) to be personal abuse in some of these.

Your post here was civil and community-minded. I hope your reimagined FPP gets lots of views and comments.
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Raceration? Moderism?

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Damn, I just narrowly missed the edit window, so I'll put this one here: LuAZ.
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I'm confused about the problem.
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The problem with the post? Sleeper had a couple "here's my opinion" remarks in there, which we discourage – especially for news and/or political posts... and contentious subjects really need a pretty neutral "Here Is The Info From Good Sources" framing with quotes and links that speak for themselves, without pulling out the most flambaity blurbs. (Not that Sleeper did that, I'm just speaking generally.)

For hot button topics, really, it's best to be really straightforward, simple, and unembellished with presentation; these topics don't need to be worked up or fancy to get people interested, and anything at all OP-opinionated, slanted, slightly misrepresented or outrage-factory about it will drive the discussion in weird, usually angry, ways. Informative, well sourced, and lucid is the benchmark for difficult topics.

Sleeper's post was mostly like that, with just a few extra OP comments that could be dropped.
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Rass Kass, "Nature of the Threat."

(Warning, crazy racial theories spit over sharp beat)
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That's what the world is today...hey hey.
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I know a guy named Shabazz, but it rhymes with Gauze instead of Has.

(This is how I solved my deleted-post conundrum:

In the current release of Firefox, you hit CTRL+SHIFT+I (or go to the "Firefox" dropdown button in the upper-left-hand-corner, choose Web Developer, then Inspect) and then you can retrieve the HTML from only a selected part of a page. Until I found Inspect, I thought I'd just have to view the source for the entire page, which would have taken extra editing to make it suitable for posting again. As it is I just had to remove some extraneous page breaks.)
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You people are slipping.
Her name is Yazz, and she had a Plastic Population.
The year was 1988. It was a good year for music. The Traveling Wilburys were ruling the charts, and a youthful Rick Astley was never going to give us up, and Yazz assured us the only way was up, with all the optimism that came flooding over the crumbling ruins of the Berlin Wall.

It was the year of Glasnost, and fluro bike pants... acid house....
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