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Suggestions for one or two good comprehensive threads on nutrition and eating well. Blue or Green, but something comprehensive to recommend to someone that kind of covers the current thinking about diet, diet related to health and well being, and eating well.

Over the years, good or bad, I've realized a lot of the information I've learned about eating well (or at least knowing that I should be eating better) have come from reading metafilter and linked articles. But it's from reading many many threads. Are there one or two threads that stand out as really comprehensive? Maybe one that covers the multitude of current thinking, from calories in, calories out vs cutting out carbs, vs various other diet trends like the paleo diet, etc . . . why weight isn't the end all be all (the prevalence of skinny fat, weight around the middle, etc . . .), why specific food stuffs are important (fiber, protein, veggies, etc . . .)?

Some of the best threads I've seen have been those debating the different view points on the blue, but I haven't been able to pinpoint a single one that covers it all. I realize it's a tall order for a diverse topic, but hoping there is a megathread that zigged and zagged all over. Your recommendation for one that comes closest would be most appreciated.
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r/fitness FAQ

Harsh's worksheet

/thread IMO
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...the current thinking about diet, diet related to health and well being, and eating well.

Every single piece of advice/information from past, present and future is going to emphasize the trends of the moment. The only way to really figure out what's true is to read a large selection of information and factor out the common denominators.

True of diet advice but also many other things. The name of the game is always: "find the invariants".
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Harsh's worksheet is really good, second that one. Having done a bunch of work in the wellness industry the one thing that stuck with me is weightloss is 80% diet - 20% excercise - and even more basic: 1st - eat less/ 2nd - move more. Find more time to cook and eat well over exercise.

They other is behavior change through little habits or tiny habit change ... do things 5 times (like making your lunch and bringing it to work) and they start to stick. BJ Fogg has been working a lot on behavior change fundamentals this year.
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Thanks for the insight everyone, but I was hoping for a metafilter thread. The person I'd like to share with is a metafilter devotee, so would have more weight. I'd ask on askme if it was for general health advice. I'm not really looking for how to eat well, but a thread on how to eat well - the more comprehensive, the better.
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I haven't seen any personally. I think this may be one of those "Ask [it on MetaFilter yourself] and ye shall receive" things. You get a new question tomorrow... or is it the next day? I've never quite grasped the exact details of the "seven day rule."
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As a side note(?), yesterday I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and it was very inspiring.
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Since this is not AskMe and therefore not "just answer the question that was asked!" I'll add that I'd welcome broader commentary and links like the ones above, if people don't know the threads that [insert clever name here] is looking for but have other good suggestions.
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OK, then my favorite website is Dr. Joel Fuhrman's. I cannot believe how good this diet is making me feel, how quickly I've shed weight, and how well documented his information is. I think grumblebee and Brody's Chum, to name a couple other mefites, have had a similar experience.
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Sorry, I didn't mean to dismiss the answers here; I just didn't want to look like I was sneaking a extra ask me in here. (and of course, I really would like a mefi thread along those lines and am actually a little surprised there isn't)
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I've never quite grasped the exact details of the "seven day rule."

I believe you get a new question exactly 168 hours (7 days, to the second) after your last one was posted.
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well, the way the site works is an individual asks for information or advice based on their unique circumstances (vide prevalence of special snowflake as a term here) and members give information & experience based on their unique circumstances.

that doesn't always lend itself to a one-stop-shop of all the best advice summed up in one thread.

sometimes you do get a listing of the latest but especially in diet we are still learning a lot about the individual variation among people and populations.
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Yeah Wilder, that's kind of what I was hoping for in regards to still learning, and individual variation. I thought metafilter would be a good place to cover the fact that there are a lot of theories, some seem to be playing out more than others, some seem to varying among people (some can lose with strict calorie reduction, some with exercise, etc . . . Some are gluten intolerant, some only think they are, etc . . .) Metafilter has such a varied opinion on the matter that it really has given me a broad perspective. I guess hoping for a couple of threads to cover that all was wishful thinking.
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