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A Proposal: Thank Metafilter - A place to say thank you long after the fact for people helping you in Ask Metafilter.

Sounds silly. Maybe odd. But I've asked questions here both anonymously and not, and I've gotten great answers. I know I can thank them in the threads, or individually, but the likelihood of them seeing the former is nil and the latter seems kind of odd to me.

Has this been proposed/discussed before?
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I think a nice, thoughtful MeMail would fit the bill here - I know I'd be happy to get one.
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That's a sweet idea. I like it! :) I've sent memails to people to thank them privately, sometimes. Usually for answering my anonyQ's.
posted by zarq at 7:40 PM on November 6, 2012

Thanks to all who told me to go to a neurologist due to my unexplained foot drop, even if it did cost me $400 to hear "I have no idea."
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I've thanked folks individually (from this and my sock puppet), but would love this idea as a general thank-you site. Also would be a nice follow-up site for questions, so people can know the outcomes!
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Has this been proposed/discussed before?

Yeah, and the resulting bi-annual MeTa thread or so seems to be enough room for everyone who wants a place to publicly drop their thanks.
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The anniversary CatScan website was a nice place for this. I loved reading those stories.
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Thank you everyone who made recommendations in my whisky AskMe. Tonight all (and I mean ALL) your suggestions are being put to use.

Four more (hic) years!
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Yeah we have these threads every so often and I think they're a great idea.
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I have typically resorted to one-on-one MeMails where it suits the case, and the more infrequent MeTa post where many people needed to be called out for their awesomeness. Both have always gone well.
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Yeah, I don't think we have any plans to implement any sort of official feature for this but between followups in the thread when it's inside of a year, email/mefimail to folks who have been particularly helpful, and the occasional really really unusual Metatalk-appropriate thing and these occasionally happy general thanks threads the bases end up being covered pretty well.
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When you add an update in the thread it pops up in recent activity so actually quite a lot of the original responders do see it. I like seeing updates pop up there for sure.
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For the record, I made this post before noticing that this thread had been posted!
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This is a very nice idea, but I don't think this place needs any more subsites. But oh boy do I love updates on threads. It would be really nice if there was a way for an OP to update old threads...
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Yes, I hate to reveal myself, but thank you to everyone who answered the 51 anonymous questions I asked over the past year. Your consistent outpouring of unanimous advice to DTMFA has given me a lot to think about.
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:) Thanks to everyone for your input. Metathanks at on Metfilter. Kinda' appropriate.

I've certainly had many threads answered this year regarding parenting and professional development that I have a deep appreciation for the advice I've received.
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I'm less interested in the thanks and more interested in how these things turn out. It's like you read the first half of a novel, make a suggestion for the ending, and then you never know what happened next. Sigh.

I want to know who ate the week-old chicken, who DTMFA'd, who went to therapy, and how it's working out for them.
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