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In keeping with the great circle of mefi and cats (how did they get on their computers ?) we now welcome the an arranger of cats, james_ash

Creator of the stereocatmistry site that was featured yesterday.

Despite some cat haters we all know mefi can't get enough cats.

So thank you, james_ash, and welcome.
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Hey, that's cool! Thanks for the update.
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I've only gotten as far as the line diagrams so far (because Actual Work) but I LOVE the line diagrams. Already sent to one coworker. I'm hoping they'll teach me about the Maillard reaction. Mostly so I can see cute brown and/or sunning cats.
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Yay! It's great to see you here, james_ash, and to see so many people enjoying your work and talking about cats and chemistry!

This was my first front-page post, and I almost certainly wouldn't have made it without flex's encouragement. (I was all, "aah! I don't make FPPs! am I doing this right?" and she was super awesome and helpful.) I couldn't be happier with how it went. Also yay!
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