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It's time for round one of the MeFites' Choice awards, aka the December 2012 Most Fantasticked Posts, Week 1. Come on inside for winners and prizes!

Storming the gates of the sovereign nation-state of Fantasticbourg this week is subject_verb_remainder with her slightly epic roundup of games primarily designed by women. Awesome pile of history and contemporary gaming context. Great job! According to the wiki, you've got a pair of mugs due from jessamyn and a donation in your name to the Internet Archive by LobsterMitten.

There's also a runner-up prize from Wordshore, a mystery book, which goes to flex for the much-fantasticked privilege-checking and call-out culture cultural commentary roundup.

And davey_darling offered an Amazon wishlisting for the "the most fantastical post with Canadian subject matter", which, well, there wasn't anything really about Canada that got any fantastic flags as far as we can tell but d_d did say mod's discretion and here's a post about hockey, so congratulations to mannequito!

Winners and prize-givers should coordinate over mefimail about things like shipping addresses, etc. Congrats! Remember, if you won this week you're can't win for the rest of the month, so you'll have to go back to posting for the sheer joy of it.

Voting for week two has of course already begun and we'll announce winners next week on Monday.
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Oh oh oh... that's fantastic! subject_verb_reminder crafted an FPP worth enshrining in the hall of fame.
posted by infini at 8:48 AM on December 10, 2012

Congrats to this week's winners! Lots of awesome posts this week.

Also: we are doing three more of these!

Vote early and often!
Vote by flagging posts as Fantastic -- remember, it's flags NOT favorites that count for this. You can flag as many posts as you want, there is no limit. Keep voting all week! Voting for this week is open until Sunday night. (We ask that people don't vote for their own posts) Also, it is posts-only; comments are not eligible.

Sign up for the wiki to offer prizes
You can give a prize to the overall winner or stipulate alternate victory conditions. Want to see a great post about insects? about politics in a non-Anglophone country? about butts? Offer a prize!
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 9:13 AM on December 10, 2012

And wow, I hadn't noticed that the winning post was subject_verb_remainder's very first FPP ever. Outstanding work!
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 9:40 AM on December 10, 2012

Worthy, worthy winners. And the Rookie of the Year and a Half on Metafilter award should also go to subject_verb_remainder, imho.
posted by bearwife at 10:49 AM on December 10, 2012

Awesome! These were all great posts and great prizes!
posted by iamkimiam at 2:00 PM on December 10, 2012

Heck of a first post, too.

Congrats to all!
posted by filthy light thief at 2:14 PM on December 10, 2012

...and flt should know what makes a heck of a post...

Just wanted to mention I have a secret project in the works involving my favorite topics (animation & comics) and IF I accomplish it before the 22nd, I'll commit a blatant act of self-promotion by offering a toon-related prize to the best toon-related post in the final week. (Heck, I may retroactively toss some goodies to other awesome posts like Monkey Toes' Paul Frees Tribute) (And no, it won't be my own book or DVD, that would be NEXT Christmas)
posted by oneswellfoop at 2:37 PM on December 10, 2012

All I heard was "please remove me from the running in the last week of December on account of a lack of self-control". Maybe I am not understanding you.
posted by cortex (staff) at 2:42 PM on December 10, 2012

Awesome, thanks! I'm going to pretend this was all part of my master plan to get free stuff from strangers favorites recognition, but I hadn't known about the contest until after I posted. Great timing though!

LobsterMitten, in the holiday spirit, I'll match your contribution to Internet Archives.
posted by subject_verb_remainder at 6:42 PM on December 10, 2012 [3 favorites]

Holy shit, that's a surprise. Default! Default! Default!

but seriously, thanks. I just messaged Davey_Darling and decided to pick a prize I've heard recommended several times on metafilter (seems appropriate) - Radical Brewing!
posted by mannequito at 7:02 PM on December 10, 2012

Awesome posts! Congratulations to the well-deserving winners!
posted by zarq at 8:22 PM on December 10, 2012

Thanks y'all! I so appreciate that you found my post worthy of much fantasticking.
posted by flex at 8:59 PM on December 10, 2012

Serialization is key.
posted by telstar at 2:32 AM on December 11, 2012

This is all good.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:31 AM on December 11, 2012

I'll match your contribution to Internet Archives.

Double-yay for awesome internet people and the way they make the internet better!
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 2:57 PM on December 11, 2012

I was going to send this privately, but the fink deserves an awesome callout for this intro:

"Storming the gates of the sovereign nation-state of Fantasticbourg this week is..."

In the same way I can spot a Flapjax post in less than four words, I can smell the Cortex at 50 paces.

I say "Huzzah!" sir.
posted by timsteil at 10:10 PM on December 12, 2012 [1 favorite]

Still a few hours left to vote on this week's winners!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 7:22 PM on December 16, 2012

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