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Help me find a post or comment which linked to amazing futuristic cityscapes.

A while ago (maybe 2 or 3 years) I followed a link from Metafilter (could have been Ask or Mefi) to some insanely awesome futuristic cityscapes, I think on a Deviantart account or similar.

I think they were in the context of someone asking what tools the artist had used to achieve the images. The one I remember in particular was from a 3/4 perspective, looking down into a deep, clifflike group of buildings. They were incredible detailed and real looking.

For some reason the name 'tokyoboy' or something similar sticks in my mind. I've had no joy searching. Does anyone remember this?
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eBoy does detailed city cityscapes in 3/4 perspective, but they're not gritty or photo-realistic, and the futurism is more in the style than what is depicted.
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I did a post on the webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic two years ago -- it links to official pieces hosted on DeviantArt, mentions some of the techniques used, and notes the hyperreal ruined cityscape style, including a link to this panorama that sounds a little like your description.
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Perhaps this post on ruins yet to be?
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All great answers, but none are the one I remember. The images I could best describe as bladerunner-ish, but in daylight and without rain/smoke etc.
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For reference, this is definitely not the one I'm thinking of, but it's similar to this thematically, except in daylight.
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Post Apocalyptic Tokyo in Lithograph?
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Nope, afraid not. Here's another example, this time angle/subject matter. Take the fidelity of image from my last post and combine it with this one and that's what I'm talking about.
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Lebbeus Woods, Architect?
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Not from Metafilter, but be sure to check out /r/SpecArt, which often features links to futuristic cityscapes.
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Thanks for all the answers. If it helps further, I remember the link being posted in the context of someone asking "How does the artist do pictures of this kind of detail/get this kind of effect?"

Still no joy on the various links posted, although a few on /r/SpecArt are close.
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Imperial Boy?
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Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Having the name let me find this Ask Question which referred to this now defunct Wiki which in turn led me to googling filenames until I came up with this image which is exceptionally close to the one that sticks in my mind. Not quite it, but definitely the same artist and the name is right.

Thanks so much!
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Ha, that's incredible, thanks. Maybe I just need to take a camera to Beijing for a weekend.
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