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Looking for a post about glaring errors in hacker movies. I am not sure if it is the post itself or if it came up in the comments, but I'm sure I remember a thread about stupid errors using IT in films, especially 'hacker' type films. Sorry, my search-foo is weak today.
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I don't remember a specific thread, but I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP address.
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hahahaha thanks mate. Make sure the IP is something like 198.162.384.23.
posted by marienbad at 7:58 AM on February 24, 2013

I remember a post or comment about someone whose job it was to design all the fakey interfaces for those movies.
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Not sure about the post/comment, but it might have referred to one of the Cracked lists on the topic.
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Here's the post about the guy who makes the interfaces we see in movies.
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TV Tropes: Magical Computer

(Warning: TV Tropes.)
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SyFy just had a movie where they put little electrostatic wrist guards on with no grounding wire. Like really? I can buy the heliosphere wave crashing down and vaporizing people but NOT GROUNDING FOR ESD is awful, just awful.
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Wished I would have seen this before, because then I could point out that Trinity uses a 'sploit.
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Sternmeyer has it.
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That "guy who makes interfaces" thread is a fantastic read.
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I know the woman who made up a fake blogging interface for a movie that had blogging in it. She's also done fake mobile phone UIs for TV shows. It feels like knowing a spy or wizard.
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