Longest time for an AskMefi OP return? March 5, 2013 7:36 AM   Subscribe

I have been checking this thread every day since it was first posted/I engaged and we have not heard back from the OP about whether she is safe/well/etc. I fully understand she may never write back (and that it may be in her best interest from a safety/life priorities perspective).

That said, I am still wondering - are there examples of people coming back to AskMefi posts months or years later?
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The moderators have a tool that shows us answers posted more than 30 days after the question itself was posted: it helps weed out spammers, who like to tag their links onto old threads. Often though it's just the OP reporting back after some time. Something like five or six months is not unheard of, like here and here.

AskMe questions stay open for a year though, so that would be the longest possible time. As to what singular thread holds the record, I wouldn't know; possibly this is something the Infodumpster could tell us the answer to, but I don't personally know the required incantations to make it do that trick.
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This one still makes me happy, especially since I so totally related to the OP when I was in the same situation (response 10 months later with a happy ending)
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I'm still hoping for an update from MayNicholas. Think about her every day, hope she is well!
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Thank you for the examples/info. I am still hoping that the OP found (her own definition of) safety. It is hard for me not to think of her.
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Upon reflection, I don't doubt your intentions but given the nature of that thread, if it were up to me I'd rather not draw any more attention to it than necessary. I think speculation doesn't help anyone at this point, so I hope you understand if I go ahead and close this up.
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