Frederick Jaffe's son shows up to answer a question April 5, 2013 3:11 PM   Subscribe

The answers in my old question about a Planned Parenthood were all perfectly good, but I got the best answer and some new documents in a MeMail from now mefite Dave Jaffe, son of the memo author Frederick Jaffe.

Here's what he sent me (posted with his permission):
The information you received is accurate: Frederick Jaffe was merely summarizing various population control proposals from other people. In his original memo he included footnotes attributing the proposals to several sources but these attributions were inexplicably left out when it was published in the Family Planning Perspectives article. I have located the original memo (in the Rockefeller Archives) and posted it at:
I thought this was too awesome and useful of a development to keep to myself.
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That's great, I remember being frustrated at my inability to find that memo when you posted that question (if I recall I searched for several more hours after I posted... I really hated my job at the time...). Nice to have it available on the good old intarwebs now.
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This is why the jocks hate us.
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Very cool. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I like Metafilter so much.
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