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The existing Boston Marathon Thread has not only turned unwieldy, it's now become the go-to place to put anything that happens in the greater Boston area (c.f., M.I.T. policeman shot, which while tragic, has nothing to do with the thread itself). Given that there was a MAJOR change in the storyline with the release earlier today of the FBI's pictures and videos of the actual (not hypothetical, not crowd sourced) suspects #1 and #2, I'm going on record with a plea for someone to please make a new thread (which can stand on its own merits) about this, particular, new information so that this can be discussed and updated there (apart from the original thread, which was a thread about the bombing itself, not the search for the suspected bombers).
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We don't need breaking news threads for every event, this event just happened in the last few minutes and is still developing. It's best to listen to the scanner or watch TV instead if you'd like to follow along live, this isn't really what MeFi is for.
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It's not really possible to know at this time whether the MIT situation is related - it's an open question as to whether this is the attempted last stand of the bombers as authorities close in, or a separate incident. We can't make that determination at this moment.
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I'm going to close this up so this doesn't become a live-blog-by-proxy thread.
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