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So tomorrow marks the three month anniversary of this post wherein a group of us banded together to form a corporation in everybody's favourite game to read about but never play, EVE Online. This is just an update on what's gone on in New Eden since then, and an invitation to make the leap from reading to playing, and come join us.

Plate of Beans, Incorporated (stock ticker PINTO) now has 41 active members, with a good spread across timezones meaning that we almost always have several someones online. EVE is famously a sandbox game where you make your own fun, and we've made a hell of a lot of fun.

We've thrown ourselves into PVP without a thought to our own survival, destroying literally TENS of dollars worth of ships belonging to our enemies (read, everyone who's not us).

We've progressed to some of the most advanced PVE content in the game, fielding fleets with all different kinds of ships.

We've mined asteroids, exchanged market arbitration tips, salvaged valuable components from the wreckage of other people's battles, mined more asteroids, and had the satisfaction of building something of our own.

PINTO has set up three bases across known space. Our headquarters is in a rough and tumble system on the edge of civilized space, where the wealth of exploitable natural resources draws both eager industrialists and pirates to prey on them.

We have a secondary base out in the depths of "null sec," EVE's truly lawless zone, and a third base in the No Man's Land between the theocratic Amarr Mandate and their former slaves, the Minmatar Republic. It's easy to forget that EVE Online actually has a story and a lore, but it does, and some of us are on the verge of joining in this war on the Minmatar side.

Most significantly, though, we have ventured into the uncharted regions of wormhole space, found a system to our liking and constructed a starbase of our own. Holding space is a rewarding challenge and we must always be on the lookout to defend it against invaders. In fact, there was another player-built starbase in the system when we arrived, and through a massive fleet operation we destroyed it. We're not immune from someone trying to do the same to us.

So, come, sign up for a trial, and see if you like flying with us.

We've got an active little community that supports all playstyles and will happily help new players with advice and resources. We've got an ersatz forum going over at MeFightClub, and we have a wiki of our own.

We run fleets and training operations regularly and will be hosting our own PVP tournament next month. It's a good game and PINTO is good people. Have I convinced you?
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From our getting started guide in the wiki, "Your First Day in New Eden":

First things first. Download the client. Create a character. Log in.

Now press Alt-E to open your People and Places menu. Do a Corporation Search for PINTO and apply to the corporation. Mention in the message field that you are a friend of Mathowie's. You should shortly be accepted, which will add you to the corporation channel for help and camaraderie.

The game actually has a decent tutorial these days. If you find that it's holding you by the hand too much though, you can turn it off in the escape menu and skip straight to the career agents that the tutorial would eventually funnel you to.

To find the career agents, click the little help icon in the lower left. There are five career paths and you can do all five (there are no character classes in EVE). Each path consists of a set of ten missions and each will get you set up with beginner some skills and ships. Each one will probably take about an hour.

I'd recommend at least doing the Military one just to get a feel for combat, then it's up to you whether you feel like doing any more. The rewards are pretty good value for a starting character but EVE's mission system is certainly not its biggest selling point.

At the end of each career path, the agent will suggest that you go do a mission arc for the Sisters of EVE in Arnon. This is one of the Epic Arcs, which is CCP's recent attempt to make their mission system more interesting and less of an embarrassment. It's not bad, though most of the missions do still boil down to "go out and fetch me ten spaceship pelts."

THEN, once you've finished your fill of missioning, be it one career path, or all five career paths and the Sisters of EVE arc, hang up your questing hat and make your way to Plate of Beans Inc. HQ in Teonusude.
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So, yea, all of what 256 said and more. Too much more to speak of independently so I'd encourage anyone to ask questions if they're still curious as to what the whole EVE thing is about. Because, to use a cliche, it's complicated because...

I've seen various aspects of EVE described as all of the following: as close to a sandbox game as you'll get, the worlds biggest and best MUD with blinkly lights (for those of you that know what a MUD is), for the economists/accountants out there: an accounting game with a hidden space feature, dying is fun, The Space Crucible, "Eve Online: Why yes, you can do that.", and that 'internet spaceships are serious business'.

I joined in with PINTO as a newbie who'd never played EVE. It's been great from day one. I must say that a fair portion of that greatness has been the fact that PINTO existed and I've been able to lean upon the kindness and generosity of others, as well as the strength and options that comes with having numbers on your side. Check out the discussions and back and forth in the EVE threads on Mefightclub for a taste of that back and forth.

I'd tired a bit of playing Call of Duty endlessly and getting hit with the prattle and shouting insults and no real repercussions that current FPS games are plagued with and needed a change. EVE's fit the bill so far, and it seems to offer something for many playstyles, from the trader (of the trucker and stock market variety) to the industrialist to the manufacturer to the pirate to the farmer to the miner to the leader of men. With a dash of fanatic thrown in anywhere you'd like it to be.

On the real world side, if you'd rather, you can pay for your subscription fairly easily, once you've been playing a bit of course, via in game activities, both active or passive. With regards to hardware requirements: my 5+ year old average thinkpad laptop runs it just fine though it's not my primary machine, so hardware isn't all that demanding unless you're all about the eye candy, in which case you probably have a nice machine anyway.

So, yea, that's about it. Sorry if it sounds like an advertisement but that's my take. There's some bad things like the GUI taking a bit of getting used to and a few things being non-intuitive but the developers are decently involved and are releasing expansions, all free and seamlessly installed from what I hear, on a regular basis to keep things functional, fresh, and balanced.
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Hmmmmmmmmm. I've always wanted to try EvE (I've played pretty much every other MMO), but I was leery of heading off by myself into cold and pitiless space. I must have missed the first post about PINTO, so thanks for the follow-up. I suspect I'll be seeing y'all this weekend. :)
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I think I just picked up on something: EVE stands for "Everyone versus Everyone", right?
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Yes it does.
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Also it makes for a better acronym than "Everyone Versus GUI".
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Reinstalling now. God, it's been years. I don't even remember what I can fly, other than intys and recons. Are those any good these days? I bet I am broke as a joke, too.
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I've never played Eve, but I keep getting curious about it, and one of these days I may give in.

I won't join PINTO, though. Sorry MeFi, I love you, but I'll probably try and join up with the forum's guild that basically controls the entire game.
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I've been having a blast playing EVE for the last three months, largely due to joining PINTO. I was very much in the camp of EVE being 'the game I love to read about but would never play'. After the infamous Battle of Asakai back in January I decided to bite the bullet and get a trial account because I was fascinated about how such massive unscripted events could take place in a game. A couple of weeks later PINTO was set up and I jumped at the opportunity to join a group of Mefites in space adventuring.

My fascination with EVE hasn't dimished yet (which I'm kind of surprised at). I love the seedy scamming that goes on in local chat in the trade hubs like Jita and Rens. I love the thrill of warping away past a massive gate camp that I've stumbled upon. I love making a profit on the markets. I love the team work involved in planning and carrying out a major op. I love that all the ships I fly, and the ammo I fire, and the guns that fire them are made by other players - and then sold by other players, and then looted by other players in the game. I love that moment in combat when you know, despite the odds, you have the upperhand and your enemy's ship is about to explode... though that doesn't always happen.

Part of the beauty of EVE - aside from the prettiness of space (check out the photo contest we ran on Mefightclub) - is that you can do what suits you. It really is a sandbox game. Your character can be a trader who never undocks from station, you can be a ruthless space pirate, you can take part in pvp and never fire a shot but provide logistics and healing to your fleetmates, you can be a sneaky covops scout relaying intel to your fleet, you can manufacture, mine, salvage wrecks, spy, or just go pewpewpew.

The other thing I really like about EVE is PINTO. We're a good bunch. We may not 'control the entire game', but I don't think that's our aim. We're all going in our own directions following our own interests within the game, and at the same time working and sharing knowledge and having a laugh together. For a bunch of noobs we've pulled off some pretty cool stuff. Also, we're not assholes - I was watching the Burn Jita II action on TwitchTV and was struck by how much of an jerk the Fleet Commander was to his own fleet. That sort of shit doesn't happen in PINTO. We gots Rotato.

I recently read a comment on Reddit that described EVE as an "Epic Space Mistake Simulator". I like that. I've undocked without updating my clone (which means you lose the skillpoints and time taken to train some of your skills). I've blundered on the market and lost millions for the sake of a decimal point. I've targeted a hostile only to realise I'm out of ammo and about to be podded back to station. I can't count the mistakes I've made, and if that sort of thing annoys you then EVE is not the game for you. As long as you don't view mistakes as setbacks, but rather game progression, you'll be ok.

So if you are even slightly interested in EVE set up a trial account and join us. You'll have a blast.

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Sternmeyer if you are broke let us know in corp chat. I'd be happy to contract you a ship or two and send you some ISK.

That goes for anyone else too. And if you are new don't forget to check the core core skill list on the PINTO wiki - that'll have you in a pvp worthy ship in no time at all. We can provide a ship for you to die in *cough* I mean fly in.
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Hey hey,

Another one of the PINTO newbs here. Been playing for three months. I started playing just to check it out. At the beginning I figured it would be something different. I've been playing MMOs for years and at the time I'd been playing the same one for over two years. The first couple of days were pretty overwhelming. It's definitely a game with a steep learning curve but boy is it worth it. My other MMO fell completely off the radar.

I fell in love with the complexity. In this game you really have to use your brain for many things. The biggest problem I had in the beginning was deciding what I wanted to focus on. There is so many areas to get into and I liked them all. I solved that problem by first getting a second account. Then after a month a third and now I have four all focused on different areas and skill training. Yes I was completely sucked in and I love it.

EVE as others have said is a sandbox and can be played so many different ways. It's great for people that don't have a lot of time and it's just as great for people that do. For me it's game where the organizing and planning part of it is just as much fun as actually playing. It tickles my project management bone. With many of the support programs that people have made you can literally plan what your going to train and do months or even years in advance. All the choice offered makes it seem like a puzzle in figuring out how you want to develop your character. At the same time unlike a lot of other MMOs you don't have to wait or level to actually do the good stuff. Part of it's appeal is the feeling of constant progression but at the same time you're always good to go.

Yes it can be harsh at times but that's part of the fun. Risk actually is risky in this game and you win some and you lose some. It makes winning that much better.

PINTO is great for all the reasons already talked about. Also I'm a female gamer and so over the years have had to deal with a lot of crap that is foisted our way by some (males) in the gamer community. (Been many Metafilter threads about it over the years about it ) There is absolutely none of any of it with this group which is a big plus in my books. I'm pretty sure that having PINTO right at the beginning is one of the reasons I stuck with the game as it is known to be difficult for new players to find groups on their own that fit with what they like. More so being female as it is unfortunately a game known for not having a lot of females playing it.

So yeah if you are female at all hesitant to try it because of past bad gaming experiences you'll find a great group experience with this Metafilter contingent.
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Note that that DUST 514 is just days away from release. DUST is a first person shooter game with MMORPG elements run by the same company that runs EVE, and the hook is that DUST's combat is happening on planets in the EVE universe, and eventually you will be able to have DUST players calling their buddies in EVE to come bombard their foes from orbit! I have no idea if CCP (the developer) is going to be able to pull this all off in practice but on paper it sounds really cool.

This could be the thing that finally pulls me from reading about EVE to joining in the madness.
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Yeah I joined the madness myself, it's cool because you don't HAVE to grind out a zillion missions (quests) to up your skills or whatever; you can go away and your training continues. It's really fun figuring how to do stuff with corp mates and also flying solo, and you can put in minimal time and still get something out of it.

Also, not sure if it was mentioned upthread, but you get to mine asteroids.
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it's cool because you don't HAVE to grind out a zillion missions (quests) to up your skills or whatever; you can go away and your training continues.

For those who may have had hangups about this, as I did, because it seems a bit like a pay-to-win, albeit in an odd twisted manner, it really isn't a problem. It just frees you up from collecting widgets and spending crazy hours grinding to level up. It really is nice.
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Tell 'em about the asteroids, Roland.
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roids, beautiful roids!
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So digging around EVE Online's site, doesn't seem to tell me how much this costs per month. What does it run?
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I also encourage more people to join! It's a fun time, and the more the merrier. The learning curve is a little long, but the tutorial is good (and enjoyable), the corp-mates are helpful, and there's lots of docs on the internet.

It's $13-$15 USD a month depending on how many months you wish to buy at once.
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What does it run?

Or one PLEX / month, which can be bought with real world monies or in game currency. That's the way to play for 'free' that I mentioned above.
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Tempting, veeeeeeeeeeery temping. I may have to break out my trusty and rusty Thrasher and come shoot some bad guys with you.
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Huh. I got into EVE years back and played with the RPS crew for a while. If you have a good PST presence, I might have to see about resubbing.
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Okay, you convinced this non-gamer to download the client and open a trial account. Slowly going through the tutorials now; hope to see you in-game soon!
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Hail and Well Met! ;)

I've been chatting with Elmore in-game.

As a former member of a previous MeFi corp, Hurf Durf Moon eaters, I'm now in Brave Newbies, having a blast. I help run the logistics squads.

Here's a video I made of the fun.

I'm Dunk Dinkle in game, if you want to chat. If you think it might be fun to get blued to BNI, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with our diplomat. Always something going on in Rahadalon!

Happy to help new players, in PINTO or Brave Newbies, or whatever path you choose.
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