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Is it too early for a "let's all become friends on whatever RSS readers we're trying" thread?

Like a lot of people, I've been playing with several of the new alternatives to Google Reader, to see which one sticks. Noting that some people are starting to use this thread to share their profiles, I thought it might be worth a Metatalk thread.
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The one I'm happiest with at the moment is The Old Reader. Here's my profile.
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Here's my profile!
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I would have added it to the socialstuffs page on the wiki, but I can't find my profile page on feedly (if such a thing exists).
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I'm running TT-RSS in my own server space. It's private, and password protected, so I don't have to share nothing with nobody.

Actually, I can expose an RSS feed of shared articles. But that would require me to remember to share articles from within the RSS reader. I'll never remember to do that.
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Has there been any consensus reached on which reader is the best? The idea of starting up with a new one feels really daunting.
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A lot of my sharebuddies migrated over to Old Reader. I'm still paddling along on Denial so I haven't signed up.

What the fuck happened to Google? I used to feel able to trust them, now I wouldn't ask them to look after my stuff at a café while I use the restroom.
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I don't know about consensus, but I tried several of the more popular alternatives offered in response to my Ask MetaFilter question and liked InoReader the best overall. That said, I am still using Reader daily while I can—nothing else has fast enough updates for me.

If you are still in denial you should at least copy your subscriptions somewhere else now.
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Lalex, thanks for that link. Wonderful work, grouse. Thank you!

Yeah, I'm bookmarking. It's taking time. On the plus side, I'm weeding out a bunch of feeds I don't care about anymore.
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Is NetNewsWire going to work in a month? I wasn't planning to switch.
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I'm plewis on Newsblur, will add it to my profile now.
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Is NetNewsWire going to work in a month? I wasn't planning to switch.

If nothing else you can export your Google OPML and keep it locally, I think. That's my plan for now.
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I'm on Feedly and I think they are trying to set up a social aspect.
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I'm angelchrys on NewsBlur and InoReader. I haven't yet decided which is going to end up with my love come 7/1. I still want to see what Digg puts out and Feedly is....OK. Bit shiny for me after being used to the Google Reader interface for so long.
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TT-RSS because I can be totally non-social.
And I have this
Also, the sole developer, who languished in obscurity before the GReaderPocalypse, has zero patience for newbies and over-entitled users and comes off hilariously anti-social in the TT-RSSForums which are autosubscribed when you install... so, extra entertainment value!
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is Facebook an RSS reader?
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Here's a Metatalk thread where quite a few of us shared our Newsblur names.

And now I'll be adding it to my profile.
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I will be signing up for Feedly approximately June 30. I was completely undecided on a new reader but then Feedly announced that Newsify, my preferred iOS app, was going to work with them, and that they are either working on or already have access from any web browser.
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I'm on Newsblur and have started going there in preparation for July 1st but wish it had the "email" link the way GReader does...
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Has there been any consensus reached on which reader is the best?

At this point - assuming you want to use one of the popular mobile/desktop applications, and can't be arsed hosting something yourself - it's a choice between Feedly, NewsBlur or Feed Wrangler.

But, really, it's way too soon for a consensus to form: most of the developers behind the big Reader-syncing apps have announced which alternatives they plan to support, but haven't shipped anything; a bunch of potentially interesting alternatives - Digg, Black Pixel, Feedly's 'Normandy' - are yet to launch.

Personally, I'm crossing my fingers that Black Pixel will make amends for letting my beloved NetNewsWire wither on the vine since they bought it by launching a spectacularly fast & reliable fetching/syncing service with a complete Reader-compatible API, plus a bevy of apps that undo the UI horribleness introduced in the half-arsed 4.0 version and rip off all the clever features of Mr. Reader. (NB: none of these things will actually happen.)
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TT-RSS has its appeal, but I can't get the backend schedule update system to work properly and havn't bothered to try to resolve it too much.

Feedly gets a great vote for temporarily trying it out cause it still syncs with GReader. But christ their iPhone app is god awful confusing. Why on earth the primary view, the list of articles, isnt an actually LIST (instead its pages of 5 list items each, and each page flips to the next when you try to scroll. W. T. F. Feedly?!) I can't see myself sticking with it much longer because of that inane behavior.

CommaFeed has most of my use for now, but I'm still trying everything (free) I can until the month ends.
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I spent the last few days trying RSSOwl with settings mirrored through dropbox, then discovered that that setup doesn't play well if you accidentally leave one copy open in the background remotely.

I'm using InoReader for now, I've found too many little bits of interface weirdness in feedly and can't figure out how to get my data out of feedly. TT-RSS looks interesting, but I just shut down my Web host because it was $15 a month for something I wasn't paying for and my abandoned Wordpress seemed to become a target.
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I'll happily share once I've found my final home...I've been through The Old Reader, Feedly, CommaFeed, and am now trying InoReader.

The diaspora likely means that we're all going to be in different places. Someone needs to create an app that allows sharing across various readers now...
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I never much used the social functions of Google Reader, but now that I'm on TheOldReader, I'm happy to share.

This is me.
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Someone needs to create an app that allows sharing across various readers now...

Yes, federated sharing protocol! That is a very good idea.

Most of the frameework for this to happen already exists in RSS or ...

and now I am reading about PubSubHubBub and I really shouldn't be. For another time I suppose.
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I'm brundlefly on NewsBlur.
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Here's my RSS reader account.
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Huh. I've just tried to sign up to newsblur and have been queued for a free account - any opinions on whether or not premium is worth it?
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Apparently Hive is in beta right now and you can sign up to get keys when it goes out.
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