My question about my abortion was deleted as "chatfilter" June 4, 2013 7:43 PM   Subscribe

This is a sockpuppet account. I've been a contributing member of this community for several years under another account. One of the mods here deleted my question ABOUT THE ABORTION I AM PLANNING TO HAVE IN TWO DAYS. Because he thought it was "chatfilter".

That is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There are several questions that are very similar to mine (I'm thinking of having an abortion but having second thoughts, please give me your perspective), but are in different situations. I cannot believe that there is a circumstance in which this would be considered something to "chat" about.

I can't tell anyone I know about this as I was planning to have an abortion and may still do so. I don't know where else I can post this. I've been part of this community for YEARS and have contributed in many ways. I am just angry and shocked and... just, I don't even know what to say.

I understand that the mods have to delete questions that are navel-gazing questions that don't go anywhere to maintain the community. But do you have to delete a question where someone gives information about the abortion they are planning to have shortly, and looking for more perspective? Because you find it too "chatty"?!

I just... want some help and perspective. I love this community. I spend hours here every day. This makes no sense.
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We are writing you an email which we told you we were doing over email. Please check your email.
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