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Hey Mefites! Several of us who used to play Glitch have started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS. Non-Glitchen are welcome too!

It's been 10 months since we all traded friend codes. Let's share them again for newbies! And for those who just got Animal Crossing last Sunday! Mine is 3609-2322-3094.

(If you're new to Nintendo, don't forget that once you add someone, they have to add you back in order to show up on your friends list!)
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me = 1134-7849-0600
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Its like I have stumbled into a bizarre Numbers Station conference.
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Yay! 1805-2299-0686
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Have fun you guys! I got Animal Crossing out of my system years ago so I won't be joining you, but it is a nice little game.

No substitute for Glitch though. SIGH
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Darrell here: 1650-1799-5546. I just bought a 3DS XL specifically for this game lol It's so addicting and WAY more fun with friends to visit/welcome to your town.
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So into this game. 0344-9448-2679
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Darrell here: 1650-1799-5546. I just bought a 3DS XL specifically for this game

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This game greatly confuses me. This morning I was running around with my gas mask and axe and there was nothing to kill. So I bought turnips instead.

How can this be a video game?

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I just bought a 3DS XL specifically for this game

I'm getting one for the same reason, but not until next month :(
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I desperately wanted the special AC edition xl but there are none available near me. In fact, the only units available at all were at WalMart and there were just 2 pink ones, so I'm rocking a pink 3ds xl. Actually, it's better looking than the blue and red ones anyways :)
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I do not have a 3DS but I miss all the Glitchen :(
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I miss all the Glitchen too. That game was special, and it's no small tragedy that it had to end. It's sooooo hard for me to resist the urge to buy a 3DS so New Game can suck up all my free time minute by delightful minute.
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We miss all of you who can't join us!

I added everyone here.
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I am sharing this thread with my wife, who is a bona fide Animal Crossing addict. Right now she has only oranges and apples. I do not know if that is good or bad but I hope you will all figure it out. She is 1805-2207-4060. Her game name if it matters is HolyCrow.
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Hey, you guys, the Mefite Glitchen do a weekly Turntable thing on Thursday nights. Send us a message if you want details.

Also, my friend code is 1134-7841-8521. My town grows peaches and I currently have set it forward 12 hours because I only play at night and I got bored with that because the only thing to do at night is fish for sharks and I'm really, really bad at fishing for sharks.
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3480-3868-2820, adding everyone!
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Are lurkers welcome? I'm 4141-2600-6097.
posted by vesper at 3:03 PM on June 18, 2013

This thread caused me to cave in and I grabbed the game last night. Added all y'all. I'm 4425-1488-6393.
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(closes the book) "And that, children, is how a dozen Metafilter members all started playing Animal Crossing. If you're good tomorrow, I'll tell you the story of when the King Of All Cosmos signed up for a Yahoo account. Good night!" (turns out light)
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Yay! Just picked up the game today, adding everyone here.

Me: 3823-9454-4680
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I just picked up AC, too (in no small part because of this thread). It's my first AC since the GCN one. I'm 1203-9374-0564 , adding you all.
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jdherg, the GC one will always be nearest n' dearest to my heart for various reasons (some I'm sure due to nostalgia at being introduced to the whole AC "world"). It had a simple childlike (meant as a compliment) charm and feel to it that reminds me a little of what makes Earthbound so wonderful. City Folk just felt like a catalog/status/hoarder suck in comparison.

That said, I've been very pleasantly surprised with this installment after feeling pretty burned from CF. There's a lot of actually pretty genuinely different/sorta new stuff to do finally, that feels like more than an afterthought. And there's attention to little details (both for delight, like villagers actually doing things like fishing and shaking trees and talking relevently based on what building/location you're both in, and ease of use like making donating and recycling go faster and avoid the time-waste that is trying to give stuff you've already could be my imagination but it feels like they did a better than normal job making sure you can't lose your stuff accidentally in weird ways too) and follow-up, playthrough charm I felt was missing in CF. I'm digging it!
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Also THANK GOD FOR NOT HAVING TO WATER FLOWERS FOREVER AND EVER zomg. I remember in Wild World, it was ridiculous how my town was pretty much complete and then for like months after that I still felt a compulsion to get on every single damn day to make sure rare colored flowers wouldn't die, since there wasn't room anymore in my house/closet to store them all. Eep.
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JHarris: "(closes the book) "And that, children, is how a dozen Metafilter members all started playing Animal Crossing. If you're good tomorrow, I'll tell you the story of when the King Of All Cosmos signed up for a Yahoo account. Good night!" (turns out light)"

Bazillion points for referencing one of my other favorite games, Katamari Damacy! :D
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Got it! I'm 0877-0899-4337.
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I'm 1650-1840-2938, and used to be Jennifer Walters on Glitch. Animal Crossing ho!
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finally visited an ACNL town tonight for the first time and whoa it is so much fun! i had only visited people before in Wild World, and then only felt like i was going on a cute little virtual vacation, complete with lovely nighttime boat rides to the island together, fishing and swimming together (and collecting souvenir seafood to take back to my own town's collection!), working as a team to win island games, chasing each other around shrubbery with axes (because when else in life can you attack friends with axes and laugh about it?), spying on my friend's computer in his house and drinking all his coffee and soda like a jerk, checking out museums, shopping, etc. ended the evening with a photo op on the bench by the seaside cliff on main street. so cute and fun!
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Wow, all that's in the game? Sounds like it's come quite some way since the Wii game then. I wish I could join you all, but I've got two or three expenses ahead of getting a 3DS, I'm afraid.
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Yeah, I'm finding the surprise of how much they really did improve the franchise this go-round kinda makes up for how disappointing City Folk was in that regard. Eventually when you get the bells down the road you might wanna consider it!

The boat ride to the island was funny; we were both dressed all fancyish and there were shooting stars and the moon in the sky and Kapp'n singing to us...and then he ruined the mood by saying this. OMG Kapp'n TMI.
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Just got home from vacation a day ago to find ACNL in my mailbox. Now I'm busy fishing instead of unpacking! My friend code is 5241-1971-2717 :-)
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Oh I am so late to this lovefest. I was Aglet on Glitch and would love love love to meet up with other Glitchly refugees in this new weird world.

My 3DS code is: 4554-1265-2771. If you add me, let me know so I can add back.

ps: the most fun so far is hammer/net slapfights with IndigoRain and juv3nal. For serious. It's great. Also hiding. We hide a lot, and then the hammers and nets come down.
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Added you, cmyk (I didn't play Glitch, though).

For those of you who've got Dream Suite: I've heard good things about Aika Village (2600-0218-7298). It's a spooky town.
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Late to the party as well. I was halbstark on Glitch. I was not going to get a 3DS specifically for AC, but then in a moment of mania I broke down and bought one (and the game).

I'm 4914-3619-3474
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I'm enjoying Animal Crossing: New Lead more than any other game I've played for the last few years. This review in the Guardian - and especially the last three paragraphs - nails it for me.
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