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Hello. I've been trying for a while to find this old AskMeFi post requesting stories about being in an inpatient mental health unit. Can folks give me a hand?

I remember two links in the response: one was to a very long story about how this hippy kid in Maine had accidentally ingested too much LSD and was hospitalized for a very long period before spontaneously ceasing to exhibit any symptoms of mental illness, the other was by a woman in San Francisco who was about to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge but then was hospitalized. After the woman was hospitalized, a supervisor on the unit attempted to seduce her. I've been searching for 'inpatient stories,' 'hospitalizaiton stories,' etc. to no avail.

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The ask that jumped to mind was this one, which doesn't have the links you're talking about.

The FPP that had the LSD/Maine thing (I thinK?) was this one.

Offering them in case you're conflating a couple. :)
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Thanks, Eyebrows. Your post made me realize that I was thinking of this post, which contained a link to "the episode."
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Okay, closing this up.
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