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It's almost a new month, and we all know Health Month is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that Team MetaFilter is reserved for actual MeFites. I've now got a dozen requests to join the team from people whose names on Health Month don't match users on MetaFilter. I don't want to needlessly blow people off. If you have asked to join the team, and haven't been added, please shoot me a message on MeMail, and I will add you posthaste so that you can get rolling for August. Thanks!
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This looks amazing, and I know nothing about it. Is there a way to audit for a month in order to understand it before diving in, or is it simpler in action than it is in explanation?
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I actually completely dropped the ball on health month these past couple months. Just too much stuff going on.

Maybe I'll give it a shot again this coming month...
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Janey47, you can play a free game with three rules and check it out that way.
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I am probably going to make it out of July with my life points intact; I didn't go to the gym at all this week, but I had breakfast and am totally, totally dressed nicely.

...I like HealthMonth. I recommend it to everyone.
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I'll do it! YAY
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I'm on health month already as MlleLapin. Can I get a link to the team, please? (I would say with sugar on top but...yeah...)
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I was never healthier than during the handful of months that I did Health Month. It's a great system, and the MeFi group are great people. What worked for me may not work for everyone, but if you want to make a change, it's a super way to start.
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Another Health Month endorser, here. Join! It's great!
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ambrosia, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for wrangling the admin details!

I'm finding HM a great way to ease into incremental changes. I didn't expect it to work for me, but the combination of self-accountability and team support has made a big difference for me.
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How much does it cost after the free trial?
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Health Month is awesome, but holy god is it annoying that it is so arbitrary and strict on time, and uses some time zone far east of where I am.
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BlahLaLa, months with three rules or fewer are always free. More than three (or if you want private rules or email reminders) it's $5 a month. There's a sponsorship system, though, and if you're hard up for cash, there's almost certainly a mefite who'd be glad to sponsor you.

I also love Health Month, and am doing stuff (yoga almost daily! learning new languages!) that I 100% would not be doing even a little bit without some sort of external nudge to do so.

Ambrosia, thank you so much for continuing to organise this and do all the checking things and organizing things and keeping things together. Also, Elsa, thank you so much for being the best damn cheerleader in the world--your comments have really brightened my day many times, and I'm very grateful for it. <3
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So someone can sponsor me and I get more than 3 rules?
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In order to get sponsorship, you have to request it on the sponsorship page. Then your request will show up, and those of us with sponsorship chips generally check the page to keep an eye out for MeFites.

There is a weird quirk about Health Month, dating back to before the flood when Health Month and Four Square were doing a badges thing, and random people were spamming the Game Wall asking for sponsorship. The solution was to make it impossible to type the word "sponsorship" on the Game Wall. But you can always announce on the team page that you are seeking that unmentionable thing, and everyone will understand what you are on about.
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And btw I do have a couple sponsorship chips left and would be happy to sponsor another MeFite or two.
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Thanks for the reminder! I've joined to give it a go. And have got points already - couldn't resist trying it out, but I'm not lying about what I've done - it's coming up to midday here, on the 1st :)

Looks like for the first month it's free no matter how many rules.
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Check it out, it's by far the best way I've found to make a resolution stick, and the mefi team is fantastic! Ambrosia, thanks for making it possible!
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Oh yeah, I have loads of sponsorship chips. Hit me up.
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Health Month has changed my life for the better. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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I'm in as cjorgensen. I'd like a sponsor if possible. It says I can only have three goals and they all have to be public. If I am going to do this I would like more and I would like to have a couple private. I don't need everyone knowing I am trying to cut back on masturbation!
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I used to be active in the MetaFilter HM group and it was very useful. I haven't been on in quite a while, but I still recommend it. Some of the habits I was trying to develop with HM stuck after I left, some didn't, but even with just that partial improvement I feel HM has been very helpful to me.
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I'm signed up and I picked my rules. I couldn't find a sponsorship page though.
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Try picking an extra rule and see if it prompts you to pay or get sponsorship.
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Ah, it let me. Verbiage says no, but then when you do you get something about your promo month.

I wasn't sure how many rules to pick. I've made huge changes in my life recently: new job, taking classes again, but I would like to add to these changes since I have more time and money now.

I was going to try the Lift app. I'll give this a go instead.
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Oh, yeah, I think they're doing a summer promo right now.

As for number of rules, I think 3-5 is a good place to start.
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ocherdraco: do you still have some sponsorships available?
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I think I have a few s-chips but I'll have to figure out how to use them again!
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My pretty little sponsorship application is here, so I think you just have to...click on it? Not at all sure. Feel weird. Super love the HealthMonth concept, though.
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And to be clear, I have 29 chips left, so seriously, I will sponsor you.
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I checked on RainyJay's application and I have 24, so I will also sponsor people. Memail me, folks!
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I have some sponsorship chips.

Start slow. In general on the site, I am more likely to sponsor new people who have just a few rules (3-5 rules, like mentioned above, is a good place to start) than those who try to have rules about everything right away.

I love Health Month, and thank you, Ambrosia, for doing all the admin work.
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I guess I am dumb. I can't find the page to do one of the sponsorship things. I even found a page that says "Fill out below" or some such, but it's a blank page. Tried multiple browsers. I can see the applications. I can see that 36 people are obviously smarter than me, but I don't see where I do it.
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Another HealthMonth endorser here! I now floss and workout regularly thanks to HM. I'm working on other things too, but those have really become a habit. It's also a lot of fun. Join!

Ambrosia, thank you again for taking care of the admin details!
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Maybe I can't get a sponsorship because I am in a promo month? I find the lack of a clear way to do this, or a clear indication that I can't a bit frustrating.
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I'm signed up with two rules and am contemplating a third. I failed at Beeminder, but maybe with a team of cheerleaders I'll do better!
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Looks like this is the case. Sponsorships must be a month by month thing. I figured they were like credits and I could get a few and try it for a few months. I'll give this a go and we'll see if I need any next month.

I do think it should be obvious though.
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Aww, MeghanC, that's very kind of you. We're a good strong team, and I credit my own incremental improvement in large part to the support I get there! I can't tell you how HM has brightened my mood and helped me reshape my habits, good and bad.

I guess I am dumb. I can't find the page to do one of the sponsorship things

You're not being dumb; the process of applying for sponsorship is SO CONFUSING and non-obvious. It's certainly possible that a promo is also interfering with your attempts to apply, but even under ordinary circumstances the process for sponsorship application is not at all obvious.

For me, what worked was filling out my goals and submitting them as if for payment. The payment options (monthly, subscription, and whatever else, I can't remember) appear, and the application for sponsorship is one of those options.

Long-time teammates, I hope you will give me the tough talk when it's time: I've been playing at a high challenge level on the generosity of others for a while now. I've been unemployed for [mumble], so the help has been both welcome and necessary. I know some high-level players get sponsorship chips, but I don't know how that works or if they'd be better used on new players. If at any point my teammates feel I'm taking advantage, I hope you'll either tell me or communicate tacitly by simply not sponsoring me.
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You get a chit for every month you pay and when you have a good month. I don't think it's a take advantage of situation. By design, from what I read, it's set up so people who can't afford it can still participate at a full level. I can afford it, but I sign up for enough stuff I don't end up using, so I need to know if there will be personal value before I commit.

Here's to my birthday month!
posted by cjorgensen at 12:46 PM on August 1, 2013

Here's to my birthday month!

Me, too! Birthday-month high-five!
posted by Elsa at 12:47 PM on August 1, 2013

I just put in a team request.
posted by Margalo Epps at 1:35 PM on August 1, 2013

I felt guilty about being sponsored for a few months, so I have cut back to 3 rules. It's still fun to support the team, and I've learned some good tricks to get myself motivated. Yay!

Also, thanks so much to ambrosia for coordinating, and to the folks who have sponsored me in the past!
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Thanks everyone for the organizing and the admin stuff and especially all the support!

¡Yo como menos queso ahora!

Thanks to MeghanC and Health Month I am also learning Spanish!
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I failed at Beeminder, but maybe with a team of cheerleaders I'll do better!

I hope you do too, and I hope we can help, but for a second, I thought "beeminder" was another term for "bee keeper" and was so excited (and a little concerned what failure meant).
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for a second, I thought "beeminder" was another term for "bee keeper" and was so excited (and a little concerned what failure meant).

MeFi, you are a just an unending goldmine of writing prompts today.
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All your glowing endorsements won me over; slowly in the process of making rules.
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This is the place to sponsor people for this month's game. Strangely, it says "34 out of 36 Sponsorship Applications have been filled for August's game so far" but I don't see any open sponsorship applications.
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Health Month is a good thing, and the MetaFilter team is a great thing. The trick is definitely to keep it simple with rules; my downfall was piling on too many things, even though they were all pretty easy.. and then I got super busy in real life, and missed a few checkins, and couldn't remember what I had done when, and lost a bunch of points and got all stressed out and stopped using it.

But the first month, where all I committed to was "I'm going to drink at least X glasses of water per week and exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week" was manageable, and a really great way to be mindful of my health and fitness, even apart from those goals.
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I'm finding a few things that are a bit odd as a noob. I have different goals during the week than I do on the weekends. For example. I want to be in bed by 10 and asleep by 11 on weeknights. On the weekend I don't care when I get up.

I have a financial goal of saving $1,000 a month. I am paid monthly. I can break this down per week, but that's not how I save.

posted by cjorgensen at 2:08 PM on August 3, 2013

cjorgensen-- some things work better for this then others. The savings one might be difficult to work into the Health Month format.

For the different times on weekdays and weekends, you can have a note after your rule to define it a little better. For instance, my "don't eat sugar" rule has "one square of dark chocolate per day doesn't count". So your bedtime rule might say 10pm, with a little note below that says "11pm on weekends counts for this rule".
posted by Margalo Epps at 7:40 PM on August 3, 2013

I'm playing again! I tried to set up rules last month, but wasn't paying attention and thought it wanted me to pay $5 for three rules. (I had the 'remind me every day' box ticked, which does specify premium accounts only.) Let's see if I can actually play, never mind following the rules.
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I'm back in, too. Going to give it a try without the daily reminders, which I remember triggering a "Get off my back!" response after a while, which probably contributed to my eventual delinquency before.
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Oh man, the get off my back response. It is so ingrained in me. And, yeah, I turned off reminders for that reason.
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I wrote a review of my day and forgot to check the 'make this public' box, but I'd like to make it public. Is there any way to go back and change it? I see where to edit everything else about my day but that.
posted by ActionPopulated at 7:44 PM on August 6, 2013

No, it can't be changed. However, you can just copy and paste it as "thoughts" on the game wall. (I've done that before; nobody treated it differently than the usual end of day post.)
posted by ocherdraco at 8:46 PM on August 6, 2013

yaaaay health month! one of the best things i have ever discovered via metafilter. bonus: filled with cream-of-the-crop awesome mefites.
posted by xiaolongbao at 11:28 AM on August 7, 2013

OK, signed up to start tomorrow. I hope I can figure it out. So far I can't figure out where anything is or how to track it.
posted by Stewriffic at 8:39 AM on August 31, 2013

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