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I really enjoy the part of the sidebar where it tells you when a contact's comments reach a certain number of favorites. Is there any way to set a favorites threshold for every user, not just ones on your contact list?

When I browse metafilter, I read a post and then read what comments are there and if I don't feel like I have anything to add I move on and generally forget about it. Today I was especially bored and went back to the dirty jobs thread and saw this hilarious Greg Nog comment. It occurs to me that I would've missed that had I had a busier day at work or just not reopened the post.

There's a Popular Favorites tab, but as far as i can tell that's just for posts. The insightful highly-favorited comments often end up on the "best of" part of the sidebar, but comments that are just humorous wouldn't generally be featured there. Is there a way to stay on top of the best comments on metafilter, without adding every user as a contact?
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I have no idea how hard it'd be to implement, but I think it'd be really cool if you could set a threshold in settings for number of favorites a post/comment needed to get, which when surpassed would put a link to that comment or post in your sidebar.
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The Popular page linked in the top nav links to the most popular posts and comments across the sites, and things like Greg Nog's comment will end up there.
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The "Popular" link in the main navigation bar up top takes you to a Popular Favorites view that does indeed include comments (on the right) along with posts (on the left). You can page through it (see "[more comments]" at the bottom of the column) if you want to go diving through 'em.
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Excellent, that'll work. For the record, the FAQ on this question might could have been clearer. It references the Popular Favorites tab a couple times but not that Popular link which does include comments. Thanks!
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Yeah, that's a good point, I'll update the FAQ answer to point to the Popular page instead.
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FAQ updated!
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I simply added Greg Nog as a contact so I never have to miss his 12+ favorite comments.
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Wow, I didn't even know that existed.
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Not quite what you are looking for but there are greasemonkey scripts that you can use to filter threads by the number of favorites.
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I also put the popular link in my RSS reader.
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Every Greg Nog comment is worth reading.
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"Wow, I didn't even know that existed."

It's funny how there's these nifty features that some people know about and some people don't. And we're always surprised to find one and surprised when other people don't know about one. :)

I have to admit that I'm more likely to go to that page when one of my comments appears, or might appear, in the list. I feel ashamed about this, but there it is.

Anyway, I do sometimes use it otherwise and, regardless, on all occasions I've found it a really good way to a) read excellent comments I probably would have missed; and b) discover posts/threads that I probably would have missed. So it's really quite handy.
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