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While following a stavrosthewonderchicken link elsewhere on MetaTalk, I happened upon this thread, wherein Matt proposed this idea. What ever happened to this project? I think it sounds like a terrific idea...
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...If this idea ever comes out of the junk drawer again, I'd love to participate, and I'm sure others would too, no?
posted by evanizer at 7:09 PM on June 12, 2002

Where do I sign?
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Ahh, have I got a title for you

Pancakes: The MetaFilter-Filter
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Wow evan.. that's a great idea, and I enjoyed reading the classic MeTa thread from the three digit posse.

My only comment on the zine initiative is that I don't think there should be space for public comments. I understood Matt's vision to be a carefully selected, professionally edited publication inspired by the Metafilter site and philosophy. Perhaps, in the spirit of highlighting the essays, interviews, and personalities in the zine, this vision would be better realized as a static output. (Of course, a "Letters to the Editor" section could appear in future editions.)

I also think that while Matt should have every right to invite his choice of Mefites to participate, there should also be some sort of open audition period where a longtime lurker who is actually a professional journalist, for instance, could write an original piece.

Additionally, we have to consider the impact that 9/11 and the warblogging phenomenon has had in the year since Matt initially proposed the idea. Drawing from the current pool of prolific users, we'd have to find some balance from the original Mefi focus of technology and e-culture. Otherwise, we might end up with The New Republic. Something to keep in mind.
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If they idea does ever happen, I'd love to be involved somehow*, and I could use something to sink my teeth into.

*someone has to make the coffee, right?
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Wow. Nevermind the idea--reading that thread made me realize just how much I miss Matt's more active participation in the site. :(
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Yeah rushmc, and the abundance of great writers/thinkers than seem to be in there as well. It seems we've lost so many of them and, having come here only 4 1/2 months ago, I regret never having met/conversed with some of them. That's kind of why I was really struck by the idea of the Metafilter Webmag; it seems all of us (and in certain ways the net in general) could use a morale booster. There's been, in my opinion, a dearth of really great new sites of this kind on the web, especially since 9/11. I think there's still hordes of great writers, artists, designers, etc. here at the 'Filter, and the idea of what could be realized using this pool of talent is still staggering. I hope there is a way to bring Matt's terrific idea to fruition.
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I just seconds ago made a comment related to what you're saying here, evanizer. I think these things are related.
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I'll chime in my thanks for bringing this back up too, evan. I probably wouldn't be picked to write, but I'd love to edit. And MetaFocus is still a great title.
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Matt's prior response; some ideas there about how it could work.
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just as an fyi, I don't have any problem with people running with the things I propose. If a bunch of metafilter people got together to starting writing stuff, I'd point to it and give it the mefi stamp of approval. - mathowie

from j.edwards' post, IMHO the most important aspect...
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Hrrm... didn't search to see if this idea had been revived before, apologies j.edwards. Well, if Matt still isn't able or motivated to be an integral part of this, then let's see what the interest level of other members is, and figure out how to get the ball rolling. I've plenty of free time this summer, anyone else interested in having a go of this somehow? How to begin...
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I knew this had been brought up before (since the original) and for the life of me, couldn't find it.
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I'm out of grad school for the duration of my pregnancy and the first few months of the new baby, so I have some time. The novel is going very slowly...and freelance gigs have been hard to find with the economy going under, so I'm up to dedicating time as a writer/editor if anyone needs me. :)
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I can offer moral support and maybe buy the domain name. Yeah, I sometimes do websites too, but there are probably plenty of skilled people willing to help. If needed I could volunteer help with design or random tasks related to building/launching a site. It would be fun! and no, my crappy blog does not count as part of my resume

It sounds like a good opportunity for the members to proactively enhance the site without direct divine intervention from mathowie.
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I can offer moral support and maybe buy the domain name.

I'm sure that wouldn't be necessary. Matt would likely be happy to point magazine.metafilter.com or whatever to it.
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Anyone interested in this project, please go here:

MeFi Mag Yahoo Group

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Evan, I'm so glad you stumbled upon this.
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I know the original idea is a zine or something else online, but I think this might be good to put into dead tree form bound as a splashy paperback (now or further on down the road when there's material). This is what the Cluetrain guys did and pud, no? So why not mefi?
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Me! Me! Pick me! I'll work on my jump shot, coach, promise!!
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I'm doing some thinking about this... More soon...
posted by evanizer at 9:03 PM on June 16, 2002

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