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I recall a Metafilter post within the last year or two. It was about wired.com creating a site so people could try to track down lost works, whether lost Dr Who episodes, Hitchcock films, etc. They had some successes early on, I think. I googled and couldn't find anything, which is odd. Does anyone remember the Mefi post or the wired site?
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WIRED ran an article on this a couple years back, not sure if it was associated with a specific site.
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And here's the Metafilter post about it if that helps.
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There's The Art Loss Register, but this is to track stolen "fine" art.

There have been past drives to find lost Doctor Who episodes, and BFI issued a list of 75 most wanted films. Last November, BFI posted about the status of their search, and recently, rumors of 3 tons of film material from Lagos, including 90 of the missing 106 episodes.
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Spinning off of that Wired article, here's a 2011 Wired article titled "Doctor Who Expert Richard Molesworth on the Search for Lost Episodes" - but this wasn't ever posted on MetaFilter as a FPP or comment, on the main site or any subsite, as far as I can tell.

From this, Wired set up Relic Wranglers, "a community of media obsessives dedicated to uncovering as much information as we possibly can about lost cultural artifacts." The Wired sub-site has articles on research about lost media of this sort, with lots of challenges to readers, some updates on past posts, and reviews of books about lost media. Posts are tagged, usually by artist and sometimes by topic/work of art. There's also a scoring system to gamify the whole searching for information process of the site. It looks like most communication goes on via Twitter, as there are relatively few comments on the recent posts.
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