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Somewhere on Metafilter -- I think it was in an AskMe answer, but it might have been a MeFi comment on some horribly long slideshow -- someone linked to a plug-in or bookmarklet that would deslideshowify web slideshows and show them on a single page instead. But I can't find it again, because 'slideshow' occurs in the search results about 160 kabillion times. Does anyone remember this and can you help me find it?
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Alas, it doesn't work on the slideshow I want to de-slideshowify, but at least I can bookmark it for later.
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It's definitely not universally applicable, but I use it on occasion.
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I had that on my bookmarks bar for quite a while, but it didn't work with sites I was looking at often enough that I threw it off to recover the real estate. I wish there was something that worked all over, though, because the crappy-annoying-slideshow-format-for-no-reason thing is dire and tragic and everywhere.
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Sounds good, but I've never seen it to work as advertised.
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