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Some years ago one of the regulars posted a youtube clip as a comment with two kids/teens dancing by themselves on the dance floor during a wedding or similiar event. Think they were Kazakhs or from neighboring countries. I need their awesome dancing in my life again, Mefi. Thank you.
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I mean, Pretty Ricky -- Late Night Special is emphatically not the video you are talking about, but I think we all need it in our lives again.
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Oh, Pretty Ricky. That is, in more than one sense, the QWOP of find-this-old-dance-video suggestions.
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Description reminds me of This link? (seems to be private now though [this was that video])
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The old guys have some moves of their own.
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Sorry, none of the above. The kids dancing were a girl and a boy and they did some crazy fast feet movements.
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Searched "kids dancing" on YouTube -- maybe this? Looks wedding-y (and sounds central Asian-y).
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FWIW, your description made me think of the Iranian breakdancers infinite intimation linked to.
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This is not your video either, but it is a swedish cop dancing to some techno.
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Can someone please redub that Pretty Ricky video with Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin? I'll take my answer off the air.
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Wow. I so did not need to see Pretty Ricky, but the Swedish Techno Cop has made me very happy.
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I have never been to Sweden, but Swedish Techno Cop is everything I would want my fantasy Sweden to be.
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I remember that video too. It was a Chechen wedding and featured a dancing girl whose feet moved very fast. I think claudius is linking to the video here but the video has gone from your internet.
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Like this?
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Well, except that wasn't a girl doing the fancy footwork; there are many videos of Chechen wedding dancing out there (I went through far more than these ones).

Having now seen many, many such videos today, many of the ones I have seen feature young men doing more of the 'fancy' moves, with women often doing more subdued feet movements (with tall heels [almost seeming to glide across the floor, while the boys arms and legs are less restricted). Fascinating dancing. It seems like everyone can dance.

The young women in this video seem to be having a great time
(and doing some fast flying fancy footwork, look for the woman with the dress and pants, her footwork is great [alas, it isn't a wedding setting]).

This one is fun, also this one (these two might fit the description requested better)

Sorry, I thought I could find it, thought it was worth a try.
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The first thing I thought of was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "That's What's Up" which apparently never had its own FPP, but was part of an AskMe question. This is almost definitely not what you're looking for, but is always worth a watch.
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Those are really close (music, dancing), infinite intimation, but not the one I'm looking for. I had almost forgotten about that dagestani wedding clip, almost...
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It's probably not this one (with two girls dancing about a minute in), but it still deserves to be mentioned here. (via)
posted by WalkingAround at 12:25 PM on October 9, 2013

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