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This is a post calling out nobody. This is a post pointing a finger at no one. This is a post in honor of peace, love, and diversity of thought and action. This is a post casting no aspersion or ill will on any others for any perceived malefaction or misdeed. This is a post in celebration of the spirit of generosity and cooperation and the exchange of ideas. This is a post with no links to anyone or anything. This is a MetaTalk post for those who wish to contribute their thoughts, be they holy or unholy, approved or unapproved, controversial or non-controversial. A celebration of Metafilter. A hello and best wishes to the mods and to the members, past and present: those whose accounts are closed, and those whose accounts will always be open. A post for the whole swirling, opinionated, crazy and beautiful community. Big love and happiness to you all, Metafilter.
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This is a post that may stay open if people feel like sharing their good thoughts and it has something to do with the site, but we're not really up for a Metatalk thread that we have to constantly monitor 24/7 for general anger offloading or the like. So, sure, if folks want to smile at their Mefi sisters and brothers a little bit here, but otherwise not really a thing we want to do.
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taz, this is a post that hopes for people to do what they want to do. If it's "general anger offloading", well, maybe that's what people need to do. Maybe it should stay open for them to do that. I don't know. I'm not a mod. Maybe a mod (perhaps you or another) will shut it down. That's a mod's prerogative. Maybe a thousand people will come in kicking and screaming, angry as hell, and maybe that's a reason to shut it down. Maybe not. Anyway, you say "we" (not really a thing we want to do) so, whoever "we" is, I guess that's what "we'll" do. If "we" means "Metafilter". At any rate, it's interesting that the very first comment was from a mod, hinting (well, not so subtly) that it might be shut down if we don't all smile at one another. I'm smiling, personally. If the post inspires snarls and snark and negativity, well, is that a reason to close it up? Only your hairdresser a mod knows for sure!
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I agree with taz; this is not a thread for Grinches, this for all the Whos of Whoville (including former Doctor Who companions, surviving members of the Who and Guess Who and everyone at the World Health Organization) to join hands in the town square, whether the big tree is there or not, and sing your favorite song that is so embarrassingly sweet you don't usually admit how good it makes you feel...

For me, it's a little Withers.

I think it's a useful exercise to occasionally step outside yourself and find something nice. Maybe you can't do it right now, but if your Grinchy heart isn't going to grow three sizes today, well, it just makes it easier for me to tear out of your scrawny chest, grar! Ahem, oh, sorry there...
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Yeah, sorry, flapjax, but Metatalk is for working out specific problems and issues related to the site, not just a free form spot area for anything, especially the dumping of snarls, snark and negativity, as you say. Chat is open for anyone who feels like chatting. Closing this now.
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