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Maybe five years back, when Flash Friday was more of a thing, there was a link to an online game. It was somewhat like unto Connect Four: a grid (7 x 7, maybe) in which numbered circles dropped in from above. As certain numbers lined up, those circles would be removed and the remaining circles above dropped into place, which might form new patterns that led to more disappearing. If any of the vertical columns filled up to overflowing, the game was over. There were also options to modify gameplay; one I recall was to turn the whole thing ninety degrees. I enjoyed it, but seem not have favorited it, which suggests I may have seen it before I joined (summer 2008). Anyone know what I am talking about?
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Sounds like Drop7 which I only know as a game for mobile devices.
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Yeah, that entry sounds much like what I recall, but I was certain I learned about it here.
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chain factor. A shady(?) mirror here; the original at http://www.chainfactor.com/ seems to be dead or down. Original post
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Weird, I just suggested that to someone in AskMeFi. It was called Chain Factor before Zynga put the Drop7 version on mobile.
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Just came by to say Chain Factor and got pipped to the post!
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That's it -- thanks, everyone! (If only I could mark things as (best answer.')
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So is there a copy somewhere with the "powers" enabled? The mirror I found has them locked.
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For anyone whose interest might be piqued enough by this to go get Drop7 for their mobile device (free, I think, ever since Zynga bought up the small studio that first released it, though I think it might show ads?), do note that "Hardcore" mode is really the main attraction. "Regular" mode just lasts far too long with little chance to intuit how one's mistakes might have eventually, much, much later, led to trouble. The game really needs the harder mode's shorter game cycle to be something you can properly learn from.

(And if you've already played Drop7 a whole bunch and are looking for something equally elegant that can be played in short bursts with split attention, waiting however long you need for you to take each move, 868-HACK is in an entirely different genre but ultimately shares a lot of Drop7's values.)

(Both of these games are maybe the best games there are.)
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Oh god, Chain Factor... You people...

See you next spring.
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Along the lines of nobody's recommendation of 868-HACK (thank you, nobody!), I recently discovered Dots. It's also in a different genre from Drop 7/Chain Factor, but has that same "stroke my dopamine receptors while I wait in line at the bank" sort of function. And is also presented as an array of dots, despite the different functionality.
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I loved Chain Factor. Thanks for reminding me. Now I have to go and play it a million times.
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I'd never seen Chain Factor before this. Now I have to go and play it a million times
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holy crap that's addictive
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Arrrrgh! I'd forgotten about Chain Factor. Now I have to go and play it a(other) million times.
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Okay, I just tried that out, and it was basically Numberwang. What in hell is going on in that game? What is the goal of it?
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I've described it to people as "sudoku meets tetris".

But seriously, why did the developers not call this game Numberwang????

The Chain Factor version, especially, with the different "powers" and all. I just tried to explain the rules and realized I've been playing so long I don't even know where to start.

Is this how the people in that TNG episode felt?
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I read this thread at 9:30 a.m. and now it is 2:45 and guess what I've been doing almost 100% of that time? THANKS A LOT.
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Navelgazer: What in hell is going on in that game? What is the goal of it?

It's really hard to pick up without the rules. Basically, disks disappear if the group of disks they are connected to (row and/or column) has the same number of disks as the number on the disk. When a disk disappears, adjacent blank disks are gradually revealed (2 disappearances to reveal). The goal of the game is to twofold: 1) to score points, and 2) to keep the crushing weight of your mundane life at bay for a few fleeting moments. Have fun!
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