Clarification: Is an active Crowd-Funded post ever okay on MeFi? March 10, 2014 4:34 AM   Subscribe

I have searched the MetaTalk for this and can't seem to find a definitive answer - apologies if one already exists and I missed it. My question - if something is currently being crowd-funded, but has already met/exceeded it's funding goal - is using it as part of a MeFi post grounds for automatic deletion of the post?

I ask because there is something I'd like to make a post about, it is currently crowd-funding, and the funding deadline is open, but the item has already exceed it's target.

I'd be linking to it now - instead of say when the funding period is finished - because I think that the whole post might mean someone wants to buy product, but won't be able to outside of funding deadline.

I just want to stress that the post itself wouldn't be just be 'Here is a cool thing, you should buy it'. More 'Here is a cool thing, with history and background and various links, this thing has evolved, and here is a crow-funding link showing how'.

Hope that all makes sense.
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Yep, open fundraisers are off limits; even if they've met their target, you need to wait until the fundraiser is closed to post. I know it's frustrating, but being pretty cut and dried about open versus closed fundraisers is the only tool we have to keep the site free from a load of funding promo stuff.
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Thanks taz, that is the clarification I was after, please go ahead and close this up :)
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Did you try using the contact form before you posted this? Sorry, just wanted to be that guy.
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Did you try using the contact form before you posted this?

This actually strikes me as a good use of MeTa. It's not specific to a certain post/comment or just to the user, it's about site norms, and it's something that other users can benefit from understanding better.
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Yeah, it definitely doesn't do any harm to have it on Metatalk so other people can see it, since not everyone will be aware of the guidelines about that. I will close this though, since it's now asked and answered, and we don't have any plans to change this requirement.
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