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Sort of a feature: iParty is an audio chat program. Would anyone be intrested in setting up a server for MetaFilter? MF is a grat place to start a conversation, and there are a lot of people here that provide it. I think giving everyone the ability to have an actual, real-time conversation would be an interesting extension to the MetaFilter experience.

p.s. I'm not asking this specifically of Matt, either. I understand that about five people can be in a room together on a 28.8 server before lag becomes a real problem, so I imagine anyone that would have a static ip number could run the server. Of course, Matt might have to point it out before it would be accepted. (i.e. "official")
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I've been toying with the idea of instant messages too. I've never had a microphone attached to my work or home PCs, so I'm not a fan of audio chat systems.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 12:21 PM on November 12, 2000

an "official" IRC channel would be something along the same lines. Or hell, anyone throwing one up, I guess.

I'd offer to host an iParty room, but my windows box is behind my firewall, and I don't let it run any servers. If there's a program like this for FreeBSD (which I'm doubting) I've got space and some extra bandwidth.

If people are interested in an IRC channel, lemme know and I'll see if I can't find myself a reasonably simple FreeBSD IRC server somewhere. It doesn't even have to be and official MeFi channel either, really. If someone just wants a place to chat at that isn't really billed much (since this is probably the only time I'll mention it on a web site) let me know, too.
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Just to clarify, where "billed" = promoted, not where "billed" = charged.
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We could set up an irc *server* and kill two birds with one stone: you'd have chat, and you could have #general, #politics, #europe, etc.

Anyway, the reason I brought up iParty was because talking and typing are two entirely different methods of communication, and I think you'd get different results if people were talking. Not that there's anything wrong with the results we're getting now. I just think it could add another dimension to mf.
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true 'nuff. Found a server, by the by, and played with it a bit. Still waiting to find out if people are into that sort of thing before I add it into my start up scripts.

Talking's cool, but in all honesty, I can't talk nearly as well as I can type. I can't speak nearly as well as I can write. I'm rather poor forming and defending an argument over voice as opposed to ASCII.
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I'd definitely join in an IRC MeFi chat. I bet a lot of people would. I love checking to see what other opinions people have on a topic/issue... the chat would just make the discussions real time. Anyone else?
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there's an IRC server you're all welcome to have your way with at marvin.rmd.cx:6667. Go nuts. It's highly unconfigured, so whoever gets there first is gonna have ops in whatever channel you create. I suggest #mefiirc but that's just me. Perhaps when I get back from work the place will already be hopping. :-)
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