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I want to point out a few good threads on AskMeFi this week: one on giving children allowance/chores, one on punishing others, and a great answer on suicide methods in the 1930s.

I thought those questions and their answers really showcased the strength of AskMeFi.
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Also pretty great: waxy asking for an ID of an album cover based on a tiny abstract snippet and getting an answer in fifteen minutes.
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See also the sidebar/Best Of:

May 4
Sometimes when you ask a question it turns out the perfect person to answer it works across the street from where you are getting married and can solve your problem.
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Yes, filthy light thief, that was awesome. AskMeFi can be so practical too.
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hand to god I am not pointing this out to make fun but the vintage shaving cream AskMe is practically taken off the list on Geneva Uswazi's profile (previously)
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Great job, everyone!
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I always cry at weddings, and apparently a little bit at AskMe wedding witness threads too.
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Also this nice young adult book ID question.
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the list on Geneva Uswazi's profile (previously)

Your "previously" does not go where you wish it would. It should go here. BTW, I am a cat.
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My work here is done.
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Uh. Quoting Dorothy Parker may be a clever answer but I don't think it's a great one since it does a pretty damn bad job of actually answering the question accurately.
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*shakes cane*
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Some of the people in my contact list ended up there so I could bookmark their profile because they had fascinating links in them. Like this one. Or this one which has a link to this priceless (nsfw) comment about men and boobs.

Which, you know, isn't an ask or comment or whatever from this week but, hey, is kind of in the same spirit as the links to Geneva Uswazi's profile, if that's okay with y'all.
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I got those little shivers you get when you watch an emotional TV show or when you watch someone do something difficult and triumph when I was reading the NYC wedding witness thread. Awesome!
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A bit late for this, but I loved the unanimous, generous and kind responses well over 100 people have to this person doubting the name they'd given their daughter.
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may al your suicides be historical
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This MeTa is just a proxy for Matt, so he doesn't have to come up with content for the podcast by himself. Not that I care as all these links are great.
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