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Just checking to see if anyone on metafilter is also playing Elder Scrolls Online. If you are and you would like to play with other Mefites then drop your user name in here.

Or are Mefites who play Elder Scrolls gathering somewhere else? If so, where?

My username is the same as here, so add me as you like.
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You may want to visit MEFIGHTCLUB.

Rotato, or something.
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The funny thing about MeFightClub is that it's mostly avid gamers, but not large enough a community to be able to find a shared interest outside of a) what's very popular at the moment; b) the things that are perennially popular with avid gamers; as well as a little bit of c) things that are idiosyncratically popular with the MeFightClub community just because they are.

There's one Elder Scrolls Online thread there, with no activity since May. There probably are some members playing it, but you probably won't have much luck finding and connecting with them by posting in that thread. (Well, that's possibly not true now, given this thread. Maybe.)

Stav's added a "looking to play..." tool, which is very cool. But that will only help if there's a sufficient number of people there who are playing what you are playing.

For this reason, this thread and the discussion of MeFightClub is helpful because it can only become a better community and more helpful for these purposes if people like yourself learn about it here and take the opportunity to join and participate. (So I want to speak up in favor of continuing to allow MeTa posts such as this one.)

Still, at the moment, MeFightClub is a bit disappointing in this respect. I rarely game these days, but when I do, I will usually gravitate to something specific that is new and I'm excited about, or something that was new, which I was excited about, and then played for a while and now I want to play it again for a little while. The first thing sort of works with MeFightClub, but only for awhile before they go onto something newer. And the second thing doesn't work at all unless it's something that just remains hugely popular forever.

I don't know about you, but I'm very shy when it comes to grouping/guilding on MMORPGs and this has only gotten worse as I've gotten older and I have little interest in grouping with, say, a kid when I'm fifty years old. I started playing Guild Wars 2 again last month and really wanted to play with other people; but am only willing to play with other people that I feel comfortable with. Which is ideally mefites and mefightclub members, but apparently there's like one other person there playing GW2 now, and only sporadically. What's disappointing about that is that with GW2 they got rid of being bound to separate servers, you can now group and guild with anyone from anywhere, as I understand it, which really eliminates one problem with doing this whole "hey, y'all, are you playing X and would you like to play together?" Starting a new character on a new server just to be part of a guild and to group is a pain, especially when people drop away, anyway.
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I've got no interest in MMOs so I won't stay long, but it's been my observation that this category:

c) things that are idiosyncratically popular with the MeFightClub community

isn't "just because", but rather due to effort on the part of some people interested in the game. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, for instance, is far from a new blockbuster, but we have a fairly active presence in it now (shameless plug for upcoming tournament thread) because there are a loyal few of us who keep up the posting and thus interest.

Also, I imagine that for games with a strong online/guild component a lot of MFC conversation would move offsite (eg: EVE Online).
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I'm sorta kinda interested in Elder Scrolls Online, though I was hoping to wait until the base package was cheaper, and I'd totally try out GW2 for a chance to hang out with Ivan. What I really want is Mefites to play DOTA2 with, though, because no one ever seems to be online.
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There probably are some members playing it, but you probably won't have much luck finding and connecting with them by posting in that thread.

Well, mfc has forum-like thread bumping as well as the equivalent of mefi's recent activity, so if anyone is still playing it this probably isn't very accurate...
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I'll have to wait until it's free to play, as I've already spent my Septims on a Colovian fur helm.
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Ivan's right that things games that aren't actively being organized for playing together by someone or someones (as oDIV suggests) and aren't perhaps as new or as popular as others tend to fall off the radar a bit. There are just Too Many Games it seems, sometimes. I do appreciate people pointing folks who don't already know about MefightClub that way, and I don't think doing it here is meant in any way to silence folks.

It's also true about the slightly awkward size of the community at this point -- with 3000+ members and the usual (for sites of this kind) 15-20 percent of users actively participating, it's kind of right where there are a lot of people playing games, but maybe not so many playing that one that you're wanting to get into or back into. So it goes, and yeah, that's why I built the Looking To Play tool in part, but nobody much uses it, sadly. Perhaps when the Next Big Game That Everybody Wants To Play Together comes out.

Summer's also the relatively quiet time for gaming and MFC in general, it must be said, so.
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stavros, how does one register on LookingToPlay? It says "Press Start" but nothing seems to happen.
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Have a look at the sidebar -- that's where your LTP control panel thingo is. You can connect up your Steam account to populate the dropdown with all your Steam games, and then set up when, how long, which game etc. The page with the 'Press Start' background is just where people's LTP statuses are aggregated in panels for each game people are looking to play (presuming there's more one than game/person at any given time, which, not so much lately). If you want to play a game that's not on Steam (or you aren't), you can just select the nonSteam Game button in the sidebar panel and enter free text for the game title. (If it's a Steam game, there's a whole suite of added functionality for chat/friending/etc).
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Can't seem to load my steam games.
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OK, hit up the general bugs thread here and let me know any details of problems you're seeing. (Metatalk's not really the place for MFC support...)

I've been *extremely* busy with dayjob workload and freelance design work lately, and haven't had time to address some outstanding MFC stuff that's needed looking at (or even hang out much), but I'll have a look as soon as I can.
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