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I'm looking for an old comment/FPP about an academic playing cards and drinking with some old friends in the projects (or an otherwise troubled urban area).

Oddly enough, that's about all I can remember for certain, but the following are kicking around in this memory. If my memory (or imagination, possibly) is to be believed, it was an article or blogpost written by a young(ish) black American academic, probably in either sociology or some other type of social science, who had come from the area he was writing about. The piece featured conversations with residents while they all played cards (spades or poker, I think) and drank wine. It may have been linked as a comment within a tangentially related FPP, or it may've been it's own FPP. Hope me?
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I remember this piece too. Maybe it was around the time that Trayvon Martin was murdered?
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Was it this?
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Yes, clavicle, that's it! Good sleuthing!!
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Yeah, that post stuck with me too. I didn't recall the exact link but my comment to help find it if nobody did yet was going to be, " was vodka!"
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Missed that the first time around, so thanks!
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The author seems really interesting, and is a fluid, evocative writer. Here's his personal page, with links to a few of his other articles, which are worth checking out. It's saying he's got a memoir coming out next year called "Cook Up." I'm going to have to try to remind myself to check it out.
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