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I could swear there was a post within the last couple years pointing to a story about an obscure deceased Mexican folk artist who showed a unique creative and whimsical flavor which he injected into the folk art that his village specialized in. Which, along with his non traditional sexual orientation earned some negative attention during his lifetime, but is now attracting admirers posthumously. Am I dreaming, or was this on the blue? I've wasted a couple hours looking for it with no success.
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I think I remember but I also think he was Brazilian, maybe? Did he paint murals?
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Well, I'm not having much luck searching myself, and I've been using other countries in place of Brazil in case I'm misremembering (but I was sure it had to do with the run up to the World Cup?).
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On the off chance that you're conflating FPPS... Alebrijes?
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Just in case either of you are thinking of Arthur Bispo do Rosário (Brazilian and had schizophrenia, not sure about his sexual orientation). Hm OK, there was no FPP about him. He's neat tho!
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The fellow I was thinking of died fairly recently (last 3 or so years, I thought sooner) and I thought painted either murals or stairs in a poor part of town. But I'm having no luck at all.
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Could you be thinking of Jorge Selaron?

"Escadaria Selarón is a set of world-famous steps in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón who claimed it as 'my tribute to the Brazilian people.'"

No FPP, but I now wish someone would do one.
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That's my guy! Thank you thank you thank you!

But I suspect it's not OP's guy.
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I don't remember a FPP, but Marcelino Vicente fits the description. He made clay devils and obscene figures. In his town, Ocumicho, Michoacán, clay figures were considered a women's craft. Today they are Ocumicho's claim to fame.
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clearlydemon got it! I guess I was wrong about a fpp, but thanks for the sleuthing. It was driving me crazy.
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