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Hey folks, I have a memory of a non-profit that offered small loans (like under $1000) to people to help them get out of trouble. Like, if you are homeless and you have a job but you can't save enough for a security deposit, this group would help you raise the funds so you can get off the street. The funds may have been crowdfunded like Kiva. I'm pretty sure I heard about it on AskMe. Ring any bells for anyone? It's tough to google.
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You may be looking for Modest Needs - it long predates crowdfunding as a phenomenon, but it does exactly that and it's quite cool.
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(I learned about it lo these many years ago on the Blue)
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That's it restless_nomad! Thanks! Feel free to close this up :)
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Yeah Modest Needs is what you're thinking of, but these days I find Small Can Be Big to do the same thing really well as a crowdfunding platform that really seems to work.
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It's not a nonprofit thing in quite the same way you're talking about but microfinance is very much a thing in the US. Kiva itself lends in the US through ACCION and Opportunity Fund. Grameen Bank has Grameen America. There are lots of other examples.
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Funnily enough I'm covered in jam just at the moment - and I could really use a couple thousand bucks to employ some sexy ferrets, or a naughty armadillo, to lick all this jam off me. It would really help me get out of this jam. So if you haven't spent all your money on selflessly helping people who need help in a beautiful display of thoughtful kindness, please send me your money, or even some more jam.
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Catholic Charities sometimes offers small loans as well.
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I know Mefi doesn't work by bumping but I would bump this thread...
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