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American Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I thought this would be a good time to (turkey!) trot out some thanking and maybe even some giving.

Thanks to the mods for keeping the place tidy for guests and family, and for treating us all like the adults we claim to be.

Thanks to all you members for continually supplying engaging, smart, and often emotional content. This is my favorite place on the web, and it's due to the quality and thoughtfulness of the community here.

Finally, for the giving section, please enjoy this selection of Looney Tunes classic moments.
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Thank you to Metafilter for some of the smartest conversation on the internet, but also for teaching me that even if someone on the internet is WRONG, I can just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and let it go instead of getting into a screaming match. Yeah, often enough the person being wrong on the internet is me.

Metafilter has been a great place for consciousness building, even (especially?) in some of the more contentious threads. An extra thank you to the mods, who manage to keep things from boiling over - I don't know how you find the patience. And thank you, all!
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Thank you to Metafilter for teaching me to flag it and move on.
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No new MeTa posts for 5 days, and this entire month has been pretty GRAR-free on the grey, even with some potentially volatile topics. Seconding "An extra thank you to the mods, who manage to keep things from boiling over - I don't know how you find the patience"!!
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Thank you mods who kept the Ferguson thread maintained and as GRAR free as possible. I watched some of the moderating happen in real time, and it is much appreciated.

Thanks everyone here for making this a sane, happy and enjoyable bastion of the internet.

I frequent this place every day for a reason and the primary one is the community.
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I have discovered all kinds of great books, games, movies, websites, music, and podcasts from MetaFilter, so thank you all for having pretty good taste, most of the time.
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I am thankful that the United States had no hurricanes or tropical storms during 2014. No Sandy, Katrina, Ike, Ivan, Rita, Wilma, or Irene visited our shores during this year. We missed the personal pain, and the vicarious suffering of our fellow Mefites, during the storms and after they passed.
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Thanks to garlic who regularly gets MeFiChi together to cook at the Ronald MacDonald house. I don't think their volunteer coordinator really understands "what group it is you all are with" but it does not matter.

Generally, I just really appreciate MeFiChi for being a good group of people who often rally around the various causes some of us get involved in and also for being Good People(tm).

In conclusion: Hey! i think you're really cool, i like you a lot, maybe we can hang out or something.
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This year, I am especially thankful for everyone who helped shepherd me through my pregnancy, specifically here, here, here, here and previously here in 2013 and here on my wedding day in 2011 (which I reread a lot when trying to remember how to destress) and even here in 2010.

Whew! And that's not even counting the immense comfort and support I have gotten from fellow MeFite parents (you know who you are no shitbutts).

She is awesome because we are awesome. You are all making future generations that much more great.
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I'm always thankful for my fellow MeFites - y'all are not just great company here on the web, but many of you are now my good friends in the physical realm. I'm so grateful to have such a great place to discuss neat stuff online and ask questions and talk about TV/movies, as well as people to go out and have hot toddies on the roof with when it's all said and done. Hope everyone here has an enjoyable holiday weekend!
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I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to all our trans/queer/intersex/gender creative members who participate in threads on those topics.

You're the reason why threads no longer dissolve into the same-old-super-insensitive song&dance. You're the reason why I continue to post FPPs on those issues and to participate in the posts others make. And, when someone slips back into their old habits (often posting the same inflammatory opinions they've been posting in similar threads for years but whatever) I know to just take a deep breath instead of going into BURN EVERYTHING DOWN mode because I know I'm not alone.

And I've learned so, so, so much from all of you, and like, think about you even when we're not directly interacting with each other. I'm happy there's a queer community here for me.
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Thanks to everyone who puts up with me.
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((((HUGGY HUG HUGS!!!))))
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Thank you to all for keeping my mind young. I'm in my 40s now, and the reasonable and educated discussion here keeps my mind-and-world views from contracting with each passing year.
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As a retail worker, I'm holding my thanks until I survive Friday.
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Kinda obvious, but thanks to Matt for making this place and sticking with it and keeping it good. The Good Web Bundle thread seemed to get pretty harsh, possibly because it's so easy to start taking for granted things that deliver consistently, so I'll take this moment to highlight the obvious and say "Thanks, Matt. This thing you made is really really good. Take a break and really enjoy your Thanksgiving Day if you can."
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Thanks, of course, to Matt and the mods.

Thanks to all the members here who, through their intelligent posts and comments, have opened up my mind to all sorts of new ideas too numerous to mention.

Thanks to those MeFites I've been interacting with on Twitter lately. It's really livened up my day and made Twitter a more enjoyable place for me.

Thanks to the organizers of the Secret Quonsar Swap for doing what y'all do.

Thanks to those MeFites I've come to think of as genuine real life friends.

Thanks to my dear friend Hollie, who was a friend before either of us was a MeFite, and who lives on the opposite coast, but whom I can wake up with a text "there's a question on AskMe about there being different muscles for farting and pooping" and she'll text me back "I WAS GONNA TEXT YOU ABOUT THAT LAST NIGHT!"

Thanks to my family who have come to accept that Metafilter is just something I do, like breathing or eating or pooping. They, too, have benefited greatly.
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Thank you Metafilter, for the monthly gift basket of bacon, booze and chocolate. I wasn't sure what to expect from the Gold Level membership package, but it's turned out pretty well.
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I am ever thankful that MeFi exists. I don't think I could take the internet these days without this place and you all.
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Thanks Matt and mods for creating and curating my favourite place on the internets. And thanks to all the brilliantly funny and intelligent people here who have made me smarter and kinder and who keep me entertained every day.
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Appreciation leads to gratitude. Thank to MeFi, of course. When I began reading these pages I didn't appreciate the variety of world views, or the depth and breadth of the wisdom. Okay, some of us are not so...but anyway, thanks for all of it.

Also, to RedBud, who got me down to the emergency room last month, and the team, there, that installed the pacemaker. I file that under "Dodging yet another Bullet." I was trying to tell RedBud this trip wasn't necessary, but she told me to either get into the car, or else she was going to smother me with a pillow and get it over with. One of the attendants in the emergency room commented that people who have a pulse of 25 don't usually come in there conscious. It may be clear how my gratitude can be both focused and general during the same interval between heartbeats.

In retrospect, thanks. Thanks, thanks, all the way down.
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Thanks for being the first place I turn to when something tragic or wonderful happens in the world. Thanks for the inappropriate jokes at appropriate times and the appropriate jokes at inappropriate times. Thanks for both the slow and patient educating and the quick and cutting cathartic wit. Thanks for being a group of people whose lives and joys and sorrows I can share in and be proud of while also frequently being the reason I throw up my hands at the screen and walk away from the internet. And thanks for still being here, ever a stalwart presence, after I've cooled down and realized that this squabbling group of idiosyncratic nerds is right where I below after all. In short, thanks for being my internet family.
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Thank you. Thank you very much.
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Thanks to all of you for being intelligent, caring and snarky human beings who I can count on to bring every side to every story. It makes me a better person every day.
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I know I don't post on here much, but I've been reading since I was a tiny kid. When I found metafilter my father was overseas in Afghanistan and my mother was gone in her own way. I am thankful that I was able to find such an amazing community. Metafilter has taught me so much. I remember reading about safe sex (though, the amount of polyamorous partnerships threw 16 year old me for a loop), about how to make cheese and the best whiskey bread ever, about how to make a grand James Bond-ian entrance, and so much more. You guys helped me through all my breakups, my messy family issues, and the frustrations with my cat masters. I appreciate all of you more then you know. Thank you.

/and I'm still that weirdo lurker
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Thanks, mods, for fixing my typos and html errors.
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I'm thankful that when my boss decides at 11 a.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that we're suddenly going to take part in some third-party promotional campaign and needs someone to get assets to them by COB, which means that getting off early like scheduled probably isn't going to happen for me (it will for him!) that MeFi gives me at least five minutes of distraction from wanting to murder him.
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On this website, but not a millimetre behind it, we are merely beings made of text. I should like to thank many of you agglomerations of words, for such parts of your corpus you yourselves have forged from a zeal for justice. Blessed are your paragraphs that hunger and thirst for what is right.

Also you turned me on to "Community". MetaFilter: seven subsites and a movie -- ? You know who to vote for.
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Adding my thanks to this collective thank tank.
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Thank you all for being so smart that you made me raise my own level of smarts.

Thank you, Matt, for being so transparent and honest.

I am impressed and inspired daily by everything that is Metafilter.
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Too many thanks to list, so here is some giving: Quite possibly the only latin-language song sung in doo-wop
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Thanks to Metafilter:
To Matt, who thought this joint up in the first place.
To the mods, who use their awesome modding powers only for good --- even when that 'good' has meant they've deleted something of mine.
To the coordinators of Quonsmas and cookie-swaps and meetups, who take this online community out into the big messy alledgedly-real world.
To the thousands of members who, when they learned the financial straits this place was facing, stepped up and begged Matt to take their money --- let's be clear here: the membership practically had to force him to accept, and that was a beautiful affirmation to see.
And to the MeFi membership: the whole glorious, sometimes argumentative/sometimes thoughtful, always caring, snarky, loving, serious & silly, wise & foolish bunch of you. Thanks for everything.
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To the mods, who use their awesome modding powers only for good --- even when that 'good' has meant they've deleted something of mine.


Sometimes, especially when they've deleted something of mine.

And chat, which I think is The Real Cabal. Forget all that bs about low user numbers. Mefi chat is where the action is at.

All joking aside:
I was invited by someone who was trying to be supportive during a real low in my life. I asked "Why should I?" And I think he misunderstood that as rejection and I was all, um, no, I mean, I have never heard of this place. Why do you think this might help me. And he said something about it being a great community. And I accepted his gift and he was right, it's a great community, and it's done a lot for me.

So thank you. And hugs and all that.
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Thanks to all the posters and commenters: when I need to read something, you've always left something here for me to read.
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when I need to read something, you've always left something here for me to read.

Agreed. Sometimes, I don't know what I would like or need to know -- and along come you posters, you commenters, and you bring me wonderful new and unexpected stories and perspectives, and the unlooked-for resonance and connection take me by happy surprise. Thank you. From my heart, thank you.
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I want to thank everyone on here who makes this place my online home. I don't post an awful lot, but I come here every single day. Metafilter keeps me sane when the rest of the Internet is a scary and depressing place, it has taught me so freaking much and made me a much better person (tho still far to go).

And thanks to Matt especially for putting up with the crap you get and keeping this place going regardless. (The other mods too of course. But that Web Bundle thread was pretty awful specifically towards Matt.)
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Thank you all for making mefi the fine young sammich it is today. May its crust forever be crunchy and its condiments moist.
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Thank you to my MeFite-turned-IRL friends, each of whom bears at least a portion of responsibility for the fact that whenever I mention you to one of my non-MeFite friends and someone asks where I met you, I get to have conversations like this:
"Uhh... the internet? On a website?"
[long pause] "Like Facebook?"
"No, like, the special internet?"
[confused look] "Like OKCupid or something?"
"No, it's not a dating site. It's like the pre-social media internet, from when the internet was a significantly less horrifying and occasionally dangerous place to be. It's a bunch of nerds who post links and write and argue about, like, everything in the world--"
[frowns] "So it's like LiveJournal?"
"No, it's just text with no images so it's extra wonderful because it's only words and reading and smart weirdos and, like, scientists and authors and--"
[eyes glaze over] "Oh! Huh. Would you look at the time?"

Thank you to my fellow depressed and suicidal MeFites, who continue to impress and delight me every day by virtue of continuing to exist even though their brains are trying to kill them. Good job to every single one of you, for real, for now and for always, even if you're feeling down because the only thing you did today was lay in bed and read the internet. Especially then, actually. Thank you for being here.

Thank you to everyone here who taught me that it is OK to completely let go of your family of origin, to feel peace and to be free.

Thank you mods for treating the community with patience, grace, and occasional hilarity.

Thanks be to MetaFilter, and pass the Tofurky!
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Dear MeFi: Extra special enormous gigantic thanks for all the myriad ways in which you aren't Reddit.
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MetaFilter: the special internet.
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Thanks to Matt for creating the site. Thanks to the mods, because when I want to read intelligent thoughtful discussion about things that are important to me and/or make me furiously angry (i.e. Ferguson) I can count on Metafilter for it. Thanks to everyone who makes posts and leaves comments, guaranteeing I'll always have something to read when I should be working. Thanks for always having an answer to my questions on the green.

In particular, thanks to everyone who contributes to posts/threads about feminism and trans* issues. I have learned more in the last two years from y'all that I can even quantify and I am so grateful for it.
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Thank you to everyone for being here and helping this great community to continue. I can't believe it's been 11+ years since I first stumbled over here.
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Thanks for providing thoughtful articles and commentary in text form, especially since everything is blocked here and I get internet 1-2 times a day. Makes it easy to cache for reading throughout the day.
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Oh, and for dealing with my ignorance and rudeness. My opinions have changed a lot thanks to this site, and continue to change.
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Thanks for this place which has become "the internet" to me and all my non computer friends.

Thanks for making a place where one day sitting in my small island town I read a FPP and discovered my weird crazy only in my head issues with gender actually existed in other people and introducing me to the concept of genderqueer.

Thanks for the many posts on sexism that made me realize I had quite a bit of internal sexism which was a real eye opener.

Thanks for the mods for all their patience and from watching I have learned the value of diplomacy and tact instead of defaulting to my desire to flip the table and swear when someone is wrong on the internet and life.

Thanks to my fellow depressive who post and make me feel less alone when the rest of the world wants to hear I am fine.

Thanks for encouraging me to get my dog after worrying I was too depressed to have one and then again and again assuring me that I am not hurting her by being all sad.

Thanks for the tremendous support and compassionate and touching answers I get when I post about dealing with child abuse and PTSD. Truly they have made a huge difference in my healing and I reread them when my head is messed up and I am sure it is all my fault.
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MetaFilter: the special internet.

The Deeper Web.

The gray color scheme is (literally) a dark(er) corner of the internet.
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I made the mistake, recently, of commenting on a friend's facebook post about an article on feminism. The ensuing rush of other people he knew, posting in the same thread made me realize how very foolish it was for me to bother. This place has opened my mind, changed my daily vocabulary, and, at least when I talked to my friend in person, helped me to have a conversation with him about his post that ended with him saying, 'thanks, I'd never thought of it like that.' Thanks for being a safe place to have intelligent discussion.
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Thanks for giving me a place to get and give advice. I would not be me without this place that I call my Internet Home.
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thanks for all the funny videos of cats and links to cats tumblrs and fake cats twitters
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Thank you for being my friend crush spouse neighbor co-resident muse.
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Thanks to everyone who contributes to Mefi Music, which is so awesomely awesome.
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Thanks thanks thanks.
To everyone. (Especially the mods. Gods, what patience.)
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Thanks for being a part of my life since...well, at least since 2005, because the first big site history thing I clearly remember reading live was the "brisk rogering" business, and the porto(a)bello incident after that. But I'm pretty sure I was reading even before that, probably since 2003 or 2004.

I didn't sign up for an account until this year though. Guys, that's like a solid decade of lurking.

And I am so glad I started participating. This community is a goddamn gem. There are more wonderful people here than I can even count. So: thank you -- all of you, but especially the mods, past and present -- for creating a place that I continually turn to for advice, commentary, humor, warmth, compassion, intelligence, generosity, and curiosity. We're not perfect, but we're on par with the best. Cheers.
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Thank you all.
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Thanks so much to this place for being different things to me at different points of my life in the last decade.
Sometimes distraction. Sometimes solace. Sometimes I ignore it. Sometimes I hate it.
But I'm on here every day, pretty much, checking what's going on.
And sometimes people here listen to the strange music I make which has been huge for me as a confidence thing.
Happy US Thanksgiving and belated Canadian one. This place is awesome.
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Thank you all for letting me hang out with the smart folks. I was so happy to find y'all. It's really easy to find places where the stupid congregate, but the smart are not as easy to find.
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Oh and thanks for the support I received (and am still receiving) when Mr. Too-Ticky had his accident back in October. It means a lot.
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I second all the thanks above.

Today, I am particularly thankful for all the parenting information I have read on MetaFilter. I am an aunt, but right now my sister and her husband think I am a miracle worker, because I introduced them to white noise for baby soothing, which I learned about on MetaFilter. Their seven week old son, who had been wailing every evening for hours and hours, now goes to sleep in a trice.

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Thanks, Metafilter, for making me a more informed, tolerant, quasi-self aware human being!
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I am very thankful for this community. As long as I have internet access, I can get to a great place full of the smartest, wittiest, most insightful, helpful, and caring people around. This is available 24/7! To anyone who pays $5! Seriously, I can't think of a better bargain.

Thank you to all of the members that make up the community, and to the mods especially. <3 <3 ((metafilter))
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I am thankful that today is my birthday even though if I were back home in the States, I wouldn't be able to go and have a beer with friends because no one would be around.

I am also thankful for MeFi for being a lovely replacement for Barbelith.

I am thankful for Shepherd getting me a membership here too.
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Thanks, MetaFilter. ThetaFilter.
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I'm thankful for the kind, calm presence of this site. We had to put our sweet, elderly cat to sleep last week. It's been tough, and just reading interesting and hilarious things like this or this was so helpful. You're ALL helping people whether you know it or not.
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Jesus, it's 2014 and I'm still here?

This year, I'm thankful my S.A.D. phototherapy light was delivered unexpectedly early. But I'm also thankful when I let drop a few weeks ago that I'd been having a hard time that a few of you imaginary people on the Internet dropped me a note of encouragement. I still think all of you exist only in my mind, but maybe this place exists for purposes other than being an obnoxious smart ass.

This year, I'm finally letting my wife cook tandoori Cornish game hens, but goddamn it I am going to play some fucking football in the mud at the park, Bartfasts versus the neighbor family, before coming home to watch the Seahawks trounce the Niners and complaining that sweet potato curry isn't fucking candied yams.
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Happy birthday, kitteh!

I thank the community for challenging me, keeping me honest, keeping me on my toes, and making me bring my A-game. Thanks to IRL for getting me out of the house. Thanks to all my Glitches! Thanks to jessamyn, who has made me a kinder person. And a special coffee-fueled thank you to zippy, who is a real mensch.

Please enjoy:

One of my favorite MeFi posts: Sleep is where Ralph is a Viking
A post about one of my favorite MeFites: The Canonical Quidnunc
One of my favorite songs, the conveniently named Thank You
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Thanks Metafilter, for being an oasis of smart in the otherwise often head-smackingly dumb internets. I'm not sure that I could get through times like these without you.
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I am grateful.
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Thanks to everyone for showing me other sides to stories, other perspectives. I may not change my own position but it's good for me to make sure I'm defending it for the right reasons. Hope to see you all on the MST3K Turkey Day Chat.
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Thank you to Mefites, not only for the discussion and insight, but for the genuine care that you show to EVERYONE who posts on this site.
Now, pass the stuffing, please.
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Thanks, Metafilter, for being like a basecamp for my forays into the the weird internet, and thank you Matt, Cortex, et. al, for letting us (on more than one occasion) plumb your site for stories.

Also, thanks again to Matt for linking to the launch of our new show, Reply All, which is going to be a lot like our old show, but bigger and better. And for providing a forum for a miserable, lost IT guy to ask the question: how do I get a job at NPR?

Thanks to all the mefites who have been so cool and supportive about the stories we've done on the site. You are a pretty great bunch. Have a good thanksgiving. Eat until you're queasy.
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I am grateful.

I am grateful for the chance to imagine Vin Diesel saying this.
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Oh, I am so thankful to Metafilter for being pretty much the thing through which I do the Internet.
I am more patient, more compassionate, probably smarter, for being a member here. This wonderful virtual place has helped me keep my childlike sense of wonder, while teaching me how to curb the more childish parts of my personality, online and off.
I came for the funny and the weird, and I stayed for the amazing education in how to be a person among other people, instead of alone. I guess that's what a community does.

Thanks, Metafilter, for being the part of the Web that feels like home.
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Thank you, MeFi, for being here and staying awesome through the years.

Thank you to one Mefite in particular, my housemate DRMacIver, who has just delivered me a delicious cocktail.
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Just like it says in my profile, thank you for being my Helpful Internet Family. I may not be the most social person here, but I really appreciate just knowing that I can get input from you guys when I need to. So thanks to everyone who's read or answered one of my questions, and thank you to all of the mods. <3 <3 <3
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Thanks, y'all.
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I'm thanksful, yeah, I said thanksful. Metafilter makes me a better person by daily renewing my faith in humanity. It's so lovely, all the caring going on here. And the funny. And the supportiveness of each other, instead of kicking, when we are down. I love it here.
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I give you the oddest gift I've run across today: "And while no one has specifically asked for a picture of Bing Crosby's brother's monkey, I thought I would include it anyway." Happy Thanksgiving, folks.
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Thanks to Matt and Mods and everyone. I have words but they are too full of feelings so I will just say, "I ♥ us all, here in the best place to be on the internets."
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Thanks for fanfare. I don't have time to read it anymore, but I'm really glad it exists. When my baby was born earlier this year the madmen recap threads kept me (moderately) sane and focused for a few minutes every few days. I suspect when I get back into watching TV I will appreciate it even more.
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Thanks to the retired mod, jessamyn. I'm still awed, it hasn't worn off yet and probably isn't going to.
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A friend of mine posted on Facebook about a break in at her house and was soliciting advice about security and safety. I was scrolling Ask, making a note to myself to encourage her to post there, when I saw that she already had! And it was a great, helpful Ask.
Metafilter makes the great big world seem a little smaller and a lot nicer. I am thankful for that.
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I'm thankful for all y'all. MetaFilter feels like my second home online and it's a fantastic community.

I got my Canadian residency this year and after almost two decades of roaming the earth and only able to stay anywhere out of the goodwill of my employment, being able to say that I can stay RIGHT HERE if I want to, was more emotional than I thought it would be. I'm very thankful.
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When my baby was born earlier this year

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Thanks to Metafilterites for giving me words when people are being terrible and saying awful things and I need to refute them. I use your arguments all the time and try to pass them off as mine but really, I just provide the emotion, you provide the substance. This is the first place I check when something monumental (good or bad) happens. You shit me, you're amazing, I love you.
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In the past 12 months I got to travel internationally 3 times. I am not an experienced traveller, so I turned to you for hotel, restaurant, things to do suggestions. And I got great ones! Cause folks here are great (and not just in terms of travel suggestions). Thank you.
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I'm grateful for all you amazing people I have yet to meet, but whose insights make me a better person.

Happy Thanksgiving American friends.
posted by futureisunwritten at 10:15 AM on November 28, 2014

We had an accidental meetup Thanksgiving, where 6 of the 7 of us are Mefites. Not bad at all.
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Please tell us you signed the last one up on the spot. :)
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I survived. Thanks everybody and everything.
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> I survived.

Noted, jon. And us other lifers are pleased and grateful.
posted by jfuller at 4:53 PM on November 28, 2014

This is the only community I've returned to after closing my account. In part because of Kattulus' insistence, so you have him to blame, but also because yes, the links here can be great, but it's the discussions I come back to. This place taught me a lot about how to actively listen and constructively engage; how to construct a cogent point and learn from being wrong. It also raised the bar for how I want others to treat each other in other forums. Thank you all for this.

Also, for those who closed their account but I still miss a lot, thanks for the memories.
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It's always Kattulus' fault.
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Thank you for sharing your wealth of information, expertise, informed opinion, hyperbolic religious-metaphor-laden opinion usually with a reference to smiting in there somewhere, eloquence, godawful jokes, GRAR and schmoop.

I love you and I'm going to stay here messing up your towels forever.
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I am especially grateful that this is a community that tries to exemplify grace. Maybe not always perfectly, but it tries hard. The number of times I've seen people apologize and self-correct here and have it received well outpaces any other place that I've seen on the internet. Brand new days are built into site culture, and hugs are freely given.

I love that this value isn't antithetical to honest and sometimes difficult dialog. It's often balanced such that justice and grace (try to) intermingle at a good place. That meshes well with some of my intuitions regarding what life is meant to be about, so it always feels go to come back, be challenged, and accept others despite our differences at times.
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It's always Kattulus' fault.

I'm certainly Kattulus's fault. He pestered me to join and bought my membership as an Xmas present six years ago. So you can thank him or curse him, as your mood strikes.
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Even if I don't always agree with what y'all say. I'm glad all y'all are here. Thanks.
posted by patheral at 2:06 PM on November 29, 2014

I'm certainly Kattulus's fault.

What if I told you we were all sent here by Katullus?
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Also, for those who closed their account but I still miss a lot, thanks for the memories.

Hear, hear. Two recent departures were on my mind recently: scody and zarq, if you're reading this, I hope you're doing well and choose to come back one of these days.
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Yeah, just today I remembered that scody had left, and I was sad all over again.
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:50 PM on November 29, 2014

Aw. That's too bad - she was a great ally in any discussion. Well, hope it's ice cream and balloons wherever she is!
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I hope that scody and zarq are taking breaks for great reasons, and will rejoin us soon. I also really miss JohnnyGunn. JohnnyGunn, come back!
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Thanks for being helpful and insightful and well informed and playful and ROTFL funny and brave and generous and kind and honest and supportive and culinary and artsy and geeky and well traveled and thoughtful and grammatical. Also thanks for never tolerating nonsense while celebrating free speech and diversity and underdogs and victims.

That's just to those of you who are here. I wish zarq and scody and many other past Mefis would come back home soon.
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Thanks for always keeping me interested in the world.
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I'm thankful that this place still exists given how ephemeral the web is. And although AdSense is a capricious and autocratic beast I'm thankful Matt got as much money as he did from it. And I'm thankful for everyone who was generous enough to chip in to make sure this place sticks around. And thanks for all the posts everyone.
posted by GuyZero at 9:34 AM on December 1, 2014

I also am thankful to have (almost) completed another year in this world. I'll be celebrating here from 4pm on. Feel free to drop in.
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