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Looking for some advice given by commenters on MetaFilter (pretty sure it was the blue) about maths teaching. The advice wasn't specifically requested itself, just a response to the subject of the post—presumably maths education related somehow, though I've searched through a bunch of threads and haven't found them. Perhaps someone has the comments favourited and will know what I'm referring to.

All I remember is that one of the commenters referred to themselves as a former maths teacher or tutor when they were giving their advice. They were one of several former teachers who commented to share their experience. This is probably the least specific 'help me find these comments' request ever but hey.
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It was a comment from grumblebee and I believe it was on the green and not the blue. Although now that I think about it maybe there was one of each.
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Think the grumblebee comments poffin boffin refers to might be from this AskMe?
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And it isn't the comments to your earlier question on the topic that you are remembering?
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No, it's not my question I'm remembering. I suppose there will be multiple posts and questions that contain comments which suit the description, which is fine! I'm interested in reading all of them. However when I made this MeTa I did have one specific post in mind, and I haven't found it yet.
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Could it be this thread about Common Core, which turned into a discussion of teaching using the number line at some point?
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It wasn't the Common Core thread, unfortunately. I think the thread the advice appeared in wasn't about specific educational systems but mathematics education more generally, if that helps.
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I thought it might have been a different Common Core-related thread that was also about a young student's worksheet that was incomprehensible to many parents:

A number sentence for 5 cookies and 6 cups of whole milk?

(Common Core is likely to come up in any recent math education thread whether it is the focus of the FPP or not, BTW.)
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Here are a couple of such discussions I participated in, just on the off chance that somehow winds up being the thing you are looking for:

Help me be a better tutor

How do you use what you learned in school?
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Was it the thread with the historical 8th-grade-graduation test? Or the one where the guy from Deadspin took the SAT?
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