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I started a Metafilter group on Fatsecret. Go here to join! You'll be asked to provide your Mefi username.

Also: Fatsecret has the bestworst name of any weight loss platform I can think of. "Shhhh! it's a FATSECRET!"
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I've been using LoseIt - how's this one compare, chesty_a_arthur?
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Can you give an elevator pitch for these sites?
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Right now I'm using Fitocracy for workout logs and MyFitnessPal for meals. I should maybe try this app instead for food, just to see how it is. The dealbreaker would probably be if it didn't have nutritional information for Canadian foods.
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I'd been using LoseIt for years, and I really like it. Recently, though, when I took up weightlifting I also went low-carb and have been really satisfied with the results. Thing is, LoseIt doesn't track net carbs, though -- only total carbs, and I was tired of having to make several clicks to find total fiber and subtract it from total carbs to get net carbs. I did a LOT of hunting around and Fatsecret was the only calorie tracker/food tracker i could find that tracks net carbs as a macro alongside fat and protein.

I actually like the search interface for foods quite a bit as well, and

I also use a Fitbit to track steps -- and that's where I track my weight -- and Fitocracy for workouts, except when I'm running a lot and I use Runkeeper.

If anyone has an app that tracks NET carbs, and integrates with Fitbit, Fitocracy and/or Runkeeper, I'd love to know about it.
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if it was a secret i wouldn't give a damn about the fat.
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If it was fatsecrete I'd be in.
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Fat sakrete
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I would join if it's like PostSecret (ie entirely fake).

"I lost 40 lbs today eating a carrot. Here's a blurry picture of a window."
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I've only just started using Runkeeper (Moday) so that I could figure out how long the path around the pond is (.63 miles). I haven't used a calorie counting app before, but I'll give it a go.
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I joined too. Used MFP previously, but I didn't keep up with it. Trying again with this, I guess!
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There is a greasemonkey script or something that you can set up with MFP to track net carbs and that one also can hook into fitbit. Let me see if I can find the links for setting up MFP.
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Pretty sure this is the link I used to set up MyFitnessPal. It has links to the greasemonkey scripts. I was pretty consistent with everything for about a year, but I moved in December so kind of fell off the wagon late last year.
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Actually, it looks like MFP also hooks into Runkeeper but not Fitocracy. Don't know anything about either of them. I am not a paid spokesman for MFP, I swear, just thought it might fit the bill.
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on second thought, i'm out, this thing is even worse than mfp lol
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In. I joined FS a long time ago but never used it. Looks a hell of a lot better than it was before.
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I just joined - hope it's a fruitful kick in the pants.
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