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With help from pb, I've put together a Greasemonkey userscript to display the old "x new posts and comments since your last visit" message that's been removed from the new Modern Theme.

You can get the script here, clicking the "Raw" button should prompt to install it with Greasemonkey.

It does a query for the new posts/comments since your last visit and displays them in a small badge in the navigation menu, looking like this. This will work on metafilter, ask, meta, music, and fanfare - counts aren't available for the other subsites.

I've tested it on Firefox 35/Windows with Greasemonkey, but it's simple enough that it should run just fine on other browsers - please let me know if it doesn't [or feel free to fork the gist or comment on it].

pb explained why the counter isn't displayed by default in the modern theme in this comment, and was very helpful in putting this together, so thanks pb!

I've put together a couple of other Greasemonkey scripts some of you might find interesting, and here I shall shamelessly flog my wares: Metafilter User Tagger and Metafilter Reorder Signatures.
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Or, you could just use the classic theme, I suppose
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I disagree. I'm still using the classic theme, but mostly just because I fear change. There are a few greasemokey scripts that make the site work better for me (yay no dots in obit threads!) If something improves the functionality of the modern theme for some users why would you care?
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This "internet" with its "text" and "images" is so unnecessary. Why, smoke signals, semaphore and morse code work just fine.

(Thanks for making this, especially after the request for this feature a mere day ago.)
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Great job!
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gilrain: "a bunch of us would love an updated version of plutor's Mefiquote."

There's a relatively easy copy-n-paste fix you can make to the source code of MeFiQuote to get it working again, but I can't find it right now. Search the new theme MetaTalk threads and you should be able to find it.
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I'm not sure exactly where the fix was, but I've pastebin'd my working version of the script. It may have some other little edits made to it that I prefer, like the [quote] is replaced with ["].
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(Thanks for making this, especially after the request for this feature a mere day ago.)

Yup that's where I got the idea from, so thanks to Mr. Yuck for that.

This comment by savetheclocktower has the fix for MeFiQuote.

There's also Jeff Howard's Metafilter Quoting Bookmarlet, which I think does the same thing?
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Whee! Many thanks.
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